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HoodPC Shades Laptop Screen from Sun and Glare

Updated on October 7, 2015


Laptop gadgets are among my favorite things in the world – especially those that make using my laptop more enjoyable as well as functional. The HoodPC is a unique but simple idea that makes a laptop even more mobile than you may have originally thought possible.

Natural Light is great unless it shines on your Laptop Screen

Ever tried to use your laptop outside? Were you able to see the screen in a bright location or did you have to find a shady spot instead? The sun shining through a car window is a maddening experience when it becomes impossible to see what you are typing and makes you worry about what you just typed.

I used a Cardboard Box to shade my Laptop Screen

In an effort to make use of a four hour road trip I decided to get some work done. Riding in the passenger seat I was surrounded by snacks, my paperwork, my laptop and a cardboard box.

Although experiences from previous trips assured me that most of my time would be spent trying to avoid the bright light shining through the window, I decided to try it one more time. I am always trying new ways to be more productive so I had found the perfect cardboard box.

My plan was to set the box on my lap and set my laptop inside the box. Sounded great in theory and I admit it did workout fairly well for my netbook. If I had been using a larger laptop – say 16 inches or so – the cardboard box would have been too short and the screen could not have been in a comfortable position.

HoodPC works with PC or Mac

I used my small Laundry Basket to shade my Laptop Screen

I know that I probably sound really desperate at this point but hear me out. The laundry basket is the smallest of a set of three light weight nylon and mesh baskets. It was just the right size but the mesh sides not only allowed the light to shine through – there were little shadows to deal with as well.

Since I was desperate I solved my problem by turning the basket at an angle so that the solid black bottom shaded my netbook screen. However, it was uncomfortable typing while twisted in my seat.

I hung a Towel over the car Window to shade my Laptop Screen

As if I were shading a baby from the sun I tried to shade my laptop screen from the sun. The towel was tucked through a small crack between the car window and its weather strip. I could not see the strange looks from the other travelers and really I would not have cared if I could.

All went well until the car headed in a new direction. The sun began to stream in from other windows and again my laptop screen was washed in glare. I moved from the front passenger seat to the back seat but even that did not solve the issue.

Shading my Laptop Screen was not a Unique Problem

Just when you think that you are suffering all alone you find out that someone else had the same issue. The difference between me and them is that they came up with a better idea before I did.

The HoodPC is much along the same line as my little laundry basket. Both are similar in size and both are made of lightweight black nylon fabric. The similarities end there. The HoodPC does not have mesh sides and the overall design is meant to surround a laptop in a useable fashion.

The HoodPC folds up nicely. There is a bit of a trick to it – you know what it is if you have folded those play tents designed for kids. Once twisted into its flat position you simply put it away into a small pouch – ready to use again in a moment’s notice. Carry it in a bag or keep it tucked under the car seat.


I have a problem keeping my laptop screen shaded from the sun and free of glare while riding in a car. If I wanted to use my laptop outside during certain times of day I would have the same problem – not to mention the need for privacy. I know that I am not the only one that has experienced these frustrations.

I want a solution that is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to store away. I wish that I had come up with a product that solved the issue of using a laptop in bright light but since I did not I will say that the HoodPC solves the problem quite nicely.

The name however seems a little odd to me. I would have called it a laptop hood or something similar. I may have found it sooner if I had known what to search for.


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    • Juliette Morgan profile image

      Juliette Morgan 

      9 years ago

      Hi yes I have had this problem a few times but didn't know there were any products available - thanks, I'll come back and look through various options - I'm in Uk.


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