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For Hubbers And Writers: How To Get Traffic To Your Articles.

Updated on February 7, 2015 | Source

We're all on the same road

Today's article will be talking about how you can get more traffic to your articles, I have so many ideas that I'd like to share with you guys and I know that you might already know some or most or all of them but I'll be writing about that anyway just in case you don't.

There are many ways and methods that we all can do in order to get more traffic and I will be mentioning 10 of these, so let's start!

In Google

Open Google and write one or two words and Google will give you suggestions ,for example write on the search box " how to *letter"- How to r: How to relax, how to read, how to return something etc... These suggestions represent what people might mostly like to look for and are based on most people's writings for their searches so I think that Google suggestions might be really helpful to give you an idea about what to write for an interesting and wanted topic.

Also, On Google you can write on the search box " most searched keyword" and Google will give you the results of the most searched things along with the date and the number of the searches! This is how you can benefit from Google, so start trying this!

Social Media Sites | Source

The Power Of Social Media

We all know how much traffic these social media sites would have so why not start taking advantage of that and start promoting your articles in your personal accounts, popular pages and things?

Another good thing would be by gathering as much followers and friends as possible on these sites so don't hesitate to have new friends.

Most popular social media sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr , Linkedin and Likes. The last one is a site which I started using lately, it promotes your posts to everyone who's using the site as long as you're online and you can really get lots and lots of followers there! I personally got about 100 follower in one day and without even asking for it! | Source

People's Needs

Know what most people might actually search for and be interested in, even if you're purpose is to write content specific to let's say " Philosophy", try to make 70% of your articles about what people need to know and usually search for and what topics might get their attention.

Philosophy for example is not searched by many people, not a lot of people are interested about it especially that they've already got sick of studying it at school and it doesn't really need tutorials or whatever, because let's assume I'm a student and I'm finding difficulties in what I might be studying, what I would personally search for online is for the things that need examples and more applications like mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Essays, these subjects are practical and not only created and put to students to make them only memorize, they include applications to be done and practiced in order to get better in the subject and understand it more.


For Hubbers

Try to get 90% of your articles featured on Hubpages, if you for example have 40 articles then try to have at least 30 to 35 of these Hubs featured.

Featured Hubs get the chance to be viewed on Hubpages homepage and also under other articles related to your topic, so this is how Hubpages would be helping you by promoting your articles, all you have to do is add a little extra effort to your articles and get them featured.

For writers who write for other sites, I really don't know how the sites that you work on work but as usual and in general, writing good and informative content can always bring you traffic and most sites actually have this system of featuring the most good and high quality articles.

Show Your Existence

Show your existence by communicating and getting active with members of the same site you're writing for, show them interest and be friendly you don't know how many of them would feel generous enough to visit you back and show you the same interest! | Source

Put Interesting And Most Related Photos

Add interesting photos along with your articles and try to make the first picture that would be shown in the preview as a whole for your article be very related to your article and also interesting, some people might really not prefer to read anything at all and instead they would just get their attention into those most interesting photos, now you don't have to think which is which like which pictures are to be considered interesting, because everyone has different interests and what might interest you might not interest someone else but it might as well interest some, few, or many other people, this depends on the kind of traffic that's coming to the site in general.


If the reader got interested enough about one of the articles that he/she already read then there's a big possibility for him/her to check out other articles written from the same author, as some people can love how sincere and close the writer might be to the reader so that's why they would love to read more and more of the other articles written by the same author.


Summaries are the most read lines by readers. These summaries have a vital role in getting you traffic.

When a person searches for a specific thing, the first two things he/she will read is the title of the topic and its summary, these two things - if they're interesting enough to get the attention of the reader- can get you people into clicking for curiosity and more information so never ignore or be lazy about writing an interesting summary, in general you're getting tired writing an informative and a high quality article so why not add an interesting summary to it as well?

I hope I benefited you with these methods.

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