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How to Change the Windows 7 Desktop Background: A Complete Guide to Change Windows 7 Desktop Background

Updated on May 12, 2011

Windows 7! The latest operatiog system of Microsoft is really cool and nice. Yet people like me desire more nice looking. That's why people add or download their favourite new desktop backgrounds. This page will tell you how to change your desktop background either your favourite wallpager picture, solid color or slidshow of your choice in Windows 7. This is a complete guide for changing desktop background in Windwos 7.

Default location of Windows 7 wallpaper:

Windows 7 is come with some very nice default wallpapers. These wallpapers are really nic. The default Windows 7 wallpaper images are located at:


If your operating system is located other than C drive then the default location is just changes with drive name. For example:

If your Windows 7 is installed in D partition of your hard disk, then the default location of Windows 7 wallpapers is:  D:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper

If your Windows 7 is installed in E partition of your hard disk, then the default location of Windows 7 wallpapers is:  E:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper

Steps to change Windows 7 desktop background

Step 1: Right-click on the empty space on Windows 7 desktop and click on Personalize option.

Step 2: Now, click on Desktpop Background link at the bottom of the windows.

Step 3: After the above steps, a new window will be opened. In this windwod, you will find several nice wallpapers. To choose any wallpaper, just click on any wallpaper and that wallpaper will be set for your desktop background. If you want to set other image as your default background, then click on Browse button and browse to your favourite image location and select that image.

Step 5: After selecting the image for your desktop background, click on Save changes button.

That's all. You can change the desktop background by following the above steps. I think you are able to do that. If you face any problem or difficulties during the above steps then tell me in the comment section. I will try to solve your problem.

@Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      pratik 6 years ago

      i have done it but still i have problem.actully i have also delete active desktop registry,delete all the text from slideshow.ini file.i have also check ese of center option.but i still have a problem.please tell me....

    • profile image

      girish 7 years ago

      same the above persons problem

    • profile image

      mukesh 7 years ago

      i cant change my desktop image. only the theme is apply but the picture cant change

    • profile image

      Glyn 8 years ago

      Sounds like you guys may have windows 7 starter edition in which case you are unable to change your background. The background image is locked by the system so you cant just rename it and change the name of your new background with the name of the default one.

      You could have another OS in which case there are many avenues for changing backgrounds.

    • profile image

      Osss 8 years ago

      I've exactly the same problem, any solutions?

    • profile image

      Zach 8 years ago

      I have the same problem as the person above... I really need help

    • profile image

      Bahijja 8 years ago

      My system doesn't come with a personalization option-I've checked everywhere...i need to change my wallpaper, pls tel me wat to do...thnx