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How to Copy and Paste Text in Opera Mini Mobile Web Browser?

Updated on December 14, 2011

Copy and Paste Text in Opera Mini Mobile Web browser

I have faced one problem when I supposed to enter username for one website in Devanagari Marathi Script from my mobile phone. My mobile phone never supports Devanagari Marathi Script. So, I don't have any idea about how to do this? Then, may be with a law of attraction, without any purpose I pressed 1 number key of mobile phone. Here, I have seen the option 'Select Text' on my mobile screen. Then, I have pressed the centre key of my mobile phone. I saw the text on my mobile screen like this, 'Select your starting position. Press 'Start' where you want to start selecting text.' So, I pressed 'Start' and selected the text I want with a cursor. Then, I pressed 'use' with a centre key to use that selected text. Next, I have selected 'Copy' option.

In another tab of my latest Opera Mini mobile web browser, I have opened the site where I wanted to paste the copied text. I have selected the place where to paste text, opened the 'Menu' options of my Opera Mini mobile web browser with the left soft key and selected the option 'Paste'. Thus, my problem has got solved.

Like I have done, you can also copy and paste text in your Opera Mini mobile web browser. I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options given at the end of this hub.

Copy and Paste in Opera Mini Mobile Web Browser

Copy and Paste in Opera
Copy and Paste in Opera


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