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How to Create a Blogger Blog Easily

Updated on September 4, 2016

What is blog?

Blog is a website where we share our ideas, opinions, information on a regular basis.

Blogger often blog simply out of interest, or may be for promoting a product, or earning some money. It is the best and easiest platform to reach out to the web world.

Do you want to create a blog? If you are a beginner, I think this is the right place ... We will go through step wise instructions of creating a blog in a blogger and also How to publish a post?

let us work it out together....

How to create a blog in blogger?


  • You need a google account (Gmail/ google + account) for sign into blogger or other wise create an account.

Step: 1

In Google search, type 'blogger' and search

The very first result will

From the sub menus click create a blog

Step 1
Step 1

Or other wise

Or from the google main window

Select more menu, there you can find blogger. Click on blogger you will be taken to the blogger main window.

Step 1
Step 1


Now you are in the blogger home page

Enter you Email id and password to sign in

Step 2 : Login in to blogger account
Step 2 : Login in to blogger account


In the next window, you need to create your profile. Here you can use Google + profile or create a new Blogger Profile

Step 3: Select Google + profile or blogger profile
Step 3: Select Google + profile or blogger profile

If you are opting blogger profile

Then Enter your Display name. This name will be shown after the post. (It is up to you to show display name or hide it from viewers, you have options for that)

Then continue to blogger

Here I am selecting blogger profile
Here I am selecting blogger profile


On the next screen click Create your blog now

Step 4
Step 4


In this next window you are going to create your blog.

In the address bar, enter you blog url the name you want to display.

(No need to write http: or www here we have typed medicalmcq. then wait for some time the blogger will check and tell us weather the given address is available or not. If not give another url name ).

Then enter the title you want for your blog (In this example we have given Medical MCQs as title and as address (this is the url).

Now I have a blog

Step 5
Step 5
Checking URL address availabilty
Checking URL address availabilty

After getting your blog title and address you can choose template from the template list shown below.

Then click create blog

Note : You can edit your template at any time you want

Congrats.Your have created a blog.

II) How to publish a post in blogger

Now you can view your blog

Click on the start blogging to create your first post

Then a post window will appear similar to ms word page.

You just type your content there.

Enter your post title, where the space provided

Type your content, where have many options similar to ms word.

You can choose your language, font, font color etc.

You can upload images, videos and can even create links to some other websites etc.

After that you can see on preview mode or you save it as draft.

On the right side of the post enter labels, you can schedule your post by entering date and time.

After entering all these click preview

If you are satisfied with the post then click publish.

You have created and published your first post.

Later you can come back and edit this post if you want.

Just follow the steps and create a blog.

Happy Blogging


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 18 months ago

      Good outline of steps for those new to the world of blogging.