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How to Extend iPod's Battery Life : 15 Best Tips & Tricks

Updated on July 12, 2011

Are you an iPod user? Can you know the tricks to extend your iPod's battery life. Yes, you can extend the battery life easily by following some easy steps. You use iPod to enjoy music. Suddenly, the power runs out? Is it expectable to you? You may see that your iPod packet tells you that it may run upto 12 hours but it turns dead at the 8th hour. Whats the matter? Are the iPod producer cheating you? Certainly not.The reasons for this is that your are using many features like back-lighting and menu commands (such as searching for specific songs or artists) etc. and obviously it needs some power to do all and that's why you face your iPod has shorten battery life.

But the good and amazing news is that there are some tips and tricks that will get the most life out of your player. Here, I present some of the tips to extend your iPod's maximum battery life. Just keep reading...

Tips for extending your iPod's battery life

In the following few paragraphs you will know the tips and tricks to extend iPod's battery life. There are 12 tips and tricks to extend your iPod's battery life.

1. Turn Brightness to Minimum

By default, most iPods brightness is about maximum level. The analogy says that the more brightness, the more power is required. If your iPod brightness is high then certainly, it needs much power and the out put is that your battery is running out quickly. That's why to extend battery life, change the brightness of your iPod to minimal level. Go to Settings > Brightness. Now, set the brightness as minimum.

2. Turn off Backlighting

No doubt that backlighting uses a lot of battery power. It may consume battery about 30% to 40%. So, when you don't need to use backlighting, just turn it off. You can turn off backlighting by following Settings > Backlight Timer > Off. If you do it, It must save much battery power and your iPod will run long time.

Picture taken from
Picture taken from

3. Set Backlight Timer to Minimum

As backlight consumes lots of power, you may easily set backlight timer to a minimum value. To change go Settings > Backlight Timer (this feature isn't available on iPod Touch/iPhone).

4. Always Be Updated to the Latest Software

iPod's software is updating day by day. Updated software is always bug free and always an improved version. The updated software has better improved code which is very helpful for your iPod's battery life. That's why, always try to update your iPod's software. Always, make sure you have installed the latest version of iPod software.

5. Charging Your iPod

Although it takes an hour to recharge 80% to 90% of an iPod, it takes about 4 hours to fully recharge the battery. You may think that if you don't use your iPod, the charge remains. But that's not true fully. If your iPod is sleep, it also uses a small amount of current. So, iPod is always emptying it's charge. You charge your iPod when you don't use it or in the carrying cage. Always charge iPod when the battery is fully empty and please recharge it fully. If you follow this procedure to recharge your iPod, the battery life surely will be extended. One thing, don’t leave your iPod battery completely discharged for long periods of time. It may sometimes cause serious damage of iPod's battery.

6. Try to Keep Your iPod at Room Temperature

You may say, iPods are like human body. iPod's battery works best if the room temperatur is between 0°C to 35°C. The best optimal temperature is 20°C to 22°C. So, always try to keep your iPod in this temperature to extend it's battery life.

7. Use the Hold Switch to Cancel Worng Inputs

When you are not using iPod, set the hold switch on to the hold position.This is a great useful technique to avoid iPod from accidentally waking from sleep and playing songs if its buttons are pressed while in a pocket or bag. Moreover, if you accidentally give wrong input, then use hold switch to cancel your given input.

8. Avoid Un-necessary Track Changing

If you press Previous/Rewind or Next/Fast-forward buttons very frequently, it needs enough charge to do it. Because it turns on hard drive to open your desired songs. This uses a lot of battery power. However, if you have newer SSD-based iPods like the Touch or the iPhone it doesn't affect such.

9. Pause Your iPod When You Don't Use

Sometimes, you aren't listening iPod. If your iPod is running, it must use power. So, pause it when you are not listening any music. I think, it may save a lot of battery power.

10. Using Compressed Songs

If the songs file size is large, it needs much power to play them. So, try to compress the songs by using several compression methods and compression software. Then the file size is decreased and your iPod can play many songs for long time. So, try to use the compressed songs for your iPod and it saves much battery power which in turn extends iPod's battery life.

11. Disable iPod's Equalizer

Equalize consumes much battery power. If you don't use equalizer, turn it off and it can extend your iPod's battery life. To turn off the Equalizer of your iPod, choose Settings > EQ > Off.

12. Turn off Speaker at Touch Pad Using Time

If you use iPod's touch screen then you don't need audible feedback. So, turn off the little speaker of your iPod in off stage to reduce power consumption. To change it, go

Settings > Clicker > Off or Settings > General > Sounds (iPod Touch/iPhone)

13. Keep iPod to a Cool Place

Sun or hot car may cause great impact of your iPod. Always keep your iPod out of the sun or hot car of over extra temperature. Because hea degrades it's performance.

Use Your iPod

Try to use your iPod regularly. It will keep the electrons moving in your lithium-based battery. Also, charge it at least once per month. This helps your iPod's battery to acquire long life.

15. Avoide Using Unnecessary Software

Many new iPod applications are available now-a-days. All of these applications use high graphics and much memory space. So, these types of applications need much battery power. If you use those applications then your iPod's battery consumed much. So, your iPod's battery life time decreased. It's a better idea to avoid those high application to use on your iPod. Then your iPod's battery life time may be extended.

The above 15 tips and tricks are the best suitable for extending your iPod's battery life. You may find many software to do them. But I don't prefer to use those customization software. I prefer the above 15 tips and tricks. I think, if you follow the above tips and tricks, you must be able to extend iPod's battery life. So, follow those tips and tricks to use your iPod with a extend battery life.

© Written by rancidTaste

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    • profile image

      scottcollins89 8 years ago

      awesome tips, I follow all of these and then some!!!

    • ratcliffe07 profile image

      ratcliffe07 8 years ago

      Great tips thanks! I will definitely be using this!