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How to Print On Microsoft Office 2007 Where is File ?

Updated on January 28, 2012

Introduction: Printing On Microsoft 2007

Hi! Maybe I'm way behind the times with this article ;-) The company I work for recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 2007. I use a lot of Excel and Word on my computer. Printing Word and Excel was hard to figure out at first. Microsoft has done some noticeable layout changes that cause confusion. I've heard on Windows 2010 they will correct this due to a lot of complaints from other PC users.

In the meantime, lets make life easy for you next time your print out documents, spreadsheets, internet articles, etc.  This article should help.

Step 1

Understand that unlike previous Microsoft Office versions, the FILE command at the top of the screen is missing on Microsoft Office 2007.

Step 2

In place of  FILE, Microsoft Office 2007 has logo icon.  Visually speaking, it's pretty user-unfriendly considering the importance of the FILE command.  To find this logo icon look to the top left corner of the   your computer screen. It is a circular logo that works like an icon when you click it.

Step 3

Click on this Microsoft Logo/Icon in the upper right corner of your PC screen.

Step 4

In the drop down box that appears on your PC monitor, click on PRINT.

Step 5

A box will come out to the side of the drop down box. From here you can:

1. Select PRINT and this will allow you to set up the number of copies you want, which printer to print to and other settings you may want.

2. Select QUICK PRINT and this will allow you to print to your default settings right now.

3. Select PRINT preview and this will allow you to, of course, preview before printing.

Thanks for YOUR Support!

I hope this teaches you how to print on Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft 2007 is pretty decent. You can still do all the great things on it, plus a little more.  The look and feel of MS 2007 is basically the same too except a few nuances that you'll quickly pick up while working on your PC laptop or PC desktop computer over time.

Thanks for stopping by! Please read some of my other posts.

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