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How To Make Tabs Appear on Microsoft Windows 2007 Excel Spreadsheets

Updated on March 11, 2012

Introduction To Getting Back Lost Tabs

Where are the tabs? I've recently upgraded to Windows 2007 at work. One immediate problem I found was that all of my Excel spreadsheets transferred from the old version to Microsoft Windows 2007 are missing the tabs at the bottom of the page.

If you can imagine how concerned I was! I spend years generating Excel worksheets using tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheets to keep things organized. Now they were all gone. Would I have to re-enter the tabs all over again from scratch or will I be able to get Excel to put them back in for me?

This article will show you how to make your tabs appear on Windows 2007 Excel Spreadsheets.

Step 1 - Open That Worksheet / Spreadsheet

Open the Excel spreadsheet you want to work on, then click VIEW at the top of your computer screen.

If the tabs are not showing up at the bottom of this worksheet, you know you still have a problem. Keep reading for the solution.....

Step 2 - Arrange

Just below to the right of VIEW on your PC monitor it says ARRANGE ALL. Click ARRANGE ALL

Step 3 - Here is The Solution

A box appears, click the CASCADE radio button. I know what your thinking, CASCADE??!! Couldn't have Microsoft thought of a more user-friendly PC term? :-) Don't panic though, your Excel spreadsheet is fixed....

Step 4 - Tabs Are Back!

POOF! Look at the bottom of your Excel Spreadsheet. The tabs you had on your 'old version' spread sheet now appear on your upgraded version.

I am not sure what the bug in the system or default setting is that causes this problem. Fortunately it is real easy to fix. Unfortunately, the troubleshoot here is not something that the typical PC user would think of to do. The solution isn't very intuitive.

Cascade Command Poll

Any Idea What Cascade on Excel Means?

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Thanks for reading my How to Make Tabs Appear on Microsoft Excel 2007 Spreadsheet.  It is a pretty quick fix. It's just figuring out how to do it that is tough.


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    • profile image

      hov 4 years ago

      cascade is like a waterfall of tabs that cascade down the screen