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How to Promote On MySpace

Updated on March 12, 2011

MySpace is all about image. Pictures, videos and other media content play an important role in most MySpace profiles. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you choose an attractive layout and that you have plenty of interesting pictures and other media to display on it.

You can find free layouts for your MySpace profile online, or design your own. You should pick a headline that will catch the attention of your viewers. It should include the name of your business, product or website. The rest of your profile page should provide readers with more information about your business, and perhaps about yourself and the people who are involved in running your business. Your profile should reflect the persona you wish your business to project, so it is a good idea to think carefully about what you are writing. You should also choose a background image that reflects this persona and looks attractive, but which does not interfere with the reading experience. The content of the profile should remain clear and easy to read. 

You can use your profile as one big advertisement, but it should be interesting for your customers and potential customers, and it should be combined with content that will attract MySpace friends and so generate interest in your products or business. You can do this by adding pictures, videos and music, or by writing bulletins to provide updates about your business or to send information about special offers and products. It is a good idea to keep adding new content regularly in order to ensure that your MySpace friends will continue paying interest and that you will attract the attention of new friends. 

MySpace provides users with a number of different ways to interact with one another, each of which has the potential to be exploited for promotional purposes. In addition to having your own profile, posting media and bulletins, you can visit other people's profiles and leave comments for them. You may be able to leave a web link in your comment, although this facility has been disabled on some profiles. Other people can also comment on your profile, so you should make sure that you read these comments and reply to them. Building good relationships with your customers and MySpace friends will ensure that you generate a good reputation for your business.

MySpace also has Group Forums, where people meet to discuss specific topics. These forums are a good place to find people who may be interested in your profile and your products since you can look for topics that bear some relation to the items you are promoting.

MySpace can also be used for event management, so you can promote and organize live events through the social network.


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