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How to Turn Off Touch Screen Sound to Mute on Samsung Reality Multi Media Cell Phone.

Updated on April 25, 2012


For the life of me I could not figure out how to mute the touch screen sound on my Samsung Reality cell phone.  I like the sound settings the Reality multimedia phone but I do find it not as intuitive to use as on other cell phones I've owned.  It was annoying to use my phone, particularly in quiet settings, as every time I touched the touch screen it beeped.

Eventually I figured out how to turn off the beep sound on my touch screen,  Below, I'll take you through each step so you can turn off the sound on your Reality phone also.

Step 1

Go to "Menu"

Step 2

Press "Settings and Tools".

Step 3

Scroll down to step #6 and choose "Touch Settings".  

(Authors Note: Do not select "#4 Sounds Settings". In my vain initial attempts to mute the touch tone sound I kept selecting the "Sounds Setting" options.  It won't be much help if you want to stop the touch screen beep :-)

Step 4

Toward the bottom of your Samsung Reality cell phone screen you'll see "Volume Level" If you touch "Volume Level" it will not do anything. You'll actually need to scroll slightly further down the screen. Just below "Volume Level" you'll see a bar with a square cursor on it. Slide the cursor on the bar all the way to the left until the sound level reads "Off" .

That should do it. Now you know how to turn off your Samsung Reality cell phone touch screen sound. Please check out some of my other Reality phone articles.


I received a great comment below stating that this doesn't 100% work. There is one instance where you'll still get a beep. The touch pad still beeps if you are talking on the phone (ie... if you are typing something on the touch pad if you are speaking on the phone, etc). All other touch pad sounds will remain off, except when speaking on the phone.

I contacted Verizon Wireless to get to the bottom of this. Basically, they were of no use on the issue. Worthless actually. That said, it gave me another article to write. See the link to the right.

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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 6 years ago

      Hi Sherry. I think you are just missing it. You are right in that it does say "calibration" below volume level. That is correct. However, immediately below "volume level" and just above "calibration", there is a cursor. In other words, the cursor is between "volume level" and "calibration" The cursor looks like a square that runs along a horizontal line. Use your finger and drag the square cursor all the way to the left of the line until the word "Off" appears ("Off" will appear all the way to the right of the line)

      Once you have done this, the sound will be shut off on your keys

    • profile image

      sherry 6 years ago

      I have tried to stop my kepad sounds and it shows no sound but it is still on. as for step 4 above i do not have a cursor that say volume level it only has calibartion after volume level

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      You are so welcome! Glad I could help!

    • profile image

      ZACK 7 years ago


    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      Hi Monica! I contacted Verizon on this. They were unable to answer. I posted an article on this and linked it above (see next to Step 4 above). Thanks for the comment!

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      That is a great, great question. I tried it and I know what you mean. I turned off the sound through:

      Settings&Tools>Sound Settings>Keypad Sounds


      Menu/Settings & Tools/Touch Settings/Volume Level

      Neither seem to work, but try it yourself just in case I'm missing something here.

      I put an email through to Verizon support and asked the question.

      Like you, I am able to completely shut down my touch screen beeps, EXCEPT when talking on the phone.

      I'm sure turning off the master volume too will work but I'll repost if I hear from Verizon

    • profile image

      monica 7 years ago

      How do I mute the keypad while on a call? My keypad is muted but I'm unable to quietly text and talk simultaneously. The beeping sound can be heard by me and the other caller. Any advice?