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Changing and Setting a Picture as Wallpaper on Your Samsung Reality Cell Phone

Updated on January 15, 2011


For some reason I struggled with changing and setting a picture as wallpaper on my Samsung Reality cell phone. There was a picture I did not want on the phone and wanted to change it to something I had taken myself.

I'm thinking maybe others have struggled with this task as well, I decided to write and article on the topic.

Step 1

Unlock your Samsung Reality cell phone screen and select the "Menu" option.

Step 2

On the next screen that appears select Media Center by touching the cell phone screen

Step 3

Then choose Pictures and Video which should be the third selection down.

Step 4

Then choose My Pictures.   Give it a second, you'll see a bunch of hour glasses as your pictures load.

Step 5

Select the picture that you want to set as wall paper on your Samsung Reality phone by touching the picture.

Step 6

On the right side of the cell phone screen select Set As, then choose Wallpaper.

Step 7

Other pictures will appear on the screen in addition to the one you choose. These are your available wall paper options.  Touch the picture you selected in Step 5 by touching it.  It will then appear as wallpaper on your cell phone screen.

Thanks! I hope that clears up any issue you may have with changing and setting a picture on your Samsung Reality phone wallpaper.

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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      Thanks Tectonic!

    • tectonic profile image

      tectonic 7 years ago from Singapore

      Useful points that you have presented