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How to copy an entire site for offline reading using only firefox

Updated on September 29, 2014

we all love certain sites much more compared to other sites and wish whether you can keep a copy of the entire site in your system so that you can browse in this site without connecting to internet. If you are looking for such a way to copy an entire site in your own system without any cost you are at the right place go on reading.

The best way to get a site available offline is an addon called scrapbook. This is an addon for Mozilla Firefox which you can get free of cost. To download the addon visit this link from Mozilla Firefox. Then click add to Firefox. Once you added this addon you will have to restart Firefox. After restarting you can see an additional option Scrapbook between bookmark and tools option.

How to use this addon

If you want to save only one page just go to the page and select on the capture this page option available in the Scrapbook option. If you want to make more content of the page available without internet connection you have to select what are the things you want by selecting capture page as. This will show a window as shown below. Then you can select what are the types of contents that you want offline. If you want only images select image check box. There are additional check boxes for sound, movie, archive and additional file types you can specify in the custom check box by typing in. You can also download the linking pages going from the selected page up to any depth by specifying it. By default only the page will be downloaded. If you select download depth of links as 1 you can read the linking pages going out of the page you downloaded.

Similarlly if you want to download an entire site (please make sure that the site is small enough. Otherwise you will end up in a non ending download process) select some very high download link depth by clicking on the >> symbol in the depth to follow links option(For example 10). Then the site will be downloaded upto a depth of 10 linked pages. But surely most of the sites will link to pages of different sites which you may not want. If you do not want such links going to other sites you can use filter shown in the figure below.

Inside the option filter you can filter pages by url
Inside the option filter you can filter pages by url

To block the urls going out of the site to different sites, select filter by string and the you will be asked for a string. In that box type the url of the site, then the add on will capture only the links containing the url of the site. Usually most of the links going out of a site will be advertisements. Hence you can avoid capturing unnecessary pages. On the top it will be shown how many pages are saved and how many are remaining. After capturing all there is a link rebuilding process. Let this also to finish, because in this processes different downloaded pages are interlinked so that you can browse through the pages without internet connection. This can also be used if you are using a very slow internet connection and you visit certain  sites frequently. If you are saving all pages of the site, you can browse through those caputures pages very fast without internet.

The captured sites can be viewed in side bar. Select view in side bar under Scrapbook option or simply use the shortcut key Alt+K. The side bar is shown below.

You can manage different sites downloaded in this manner from the sidebar. You can also export such sites downloaded in on system to another system using the export option in the tools menu in the side bar. Also there are more options like size calculation, output as HTML etc.

So why you are wasting your bandwidth by loading your regular sites everyday again and again. Simply download the addon and capture your regular sites and visit them even when you do not have internet connection


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 4 years ago from India

      @Roel - yes it is a very helpful addon, especially for people with low bandwidth connection. They do not need to stream their frequent pages everyday, it will come instantly to your browser from your hard disk

    • profile image

      Roel 4 years ago

      perfect addon!