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Samsung chrome book hits market keeping everything in cloud

Updated on May 13, 2012

The first complete cloud device released to market last week, Samsung Chrome book. This comes to market as a Samsung 5 series laptop. The peculiarity of this device is that it is completely cloud operated. That is, this devices does not have any hard disk. So you cannot install any program or keep any folder or even a picture in this device. This device keeps everything in cloud. Chrome book operates on Google's cloud based operating system Chrome OS.

This device is suitable for only those people who are online full time. Also it demands a high speed connection also for proper operation. As all data is kept in online servers or clouds and operations on these files is done only through applications called through internet, the internet connection needs to be very fast for smooth operation.


According to Samsung, this device posses a lot of advantages.

1. Weight is very less compared to other laptops. It weights only 1.5Kg

2, Processor power required is less only a atom N570 1.66 Ghz dual core processor is used in it

3. As there is no hard disk, battery life is long. Samsung claims a battery life of 8.5 hours in single charging

4. Booting is very fast. In 12 seconds after pressing button you can start working on it.

5. As all programs including operating system is in cloud and nothing is installed in laptops, there is no threat from viruses or spywares

6. No need to update softwares and buy anything as everything is available online. You can use thousands of free application available in chrome market.

7. Even if you lost your chrome book, all data will be there in clouds only. So you can use it from another chrome book

8.USB ports, memory card slots, audio jacks and web cam is available in this device but dvd drive and Bluetooth is not available.


Even though there is a lot of advantages claimed by Google and Samsung, there will be a lot of difficulties when it comes to the practical side.

1. When internet connection is not available, it will be only a paper weight. in order to operate this device you will need internet connection. But Google claims that offline applications will come soon

2. Many of our favorite applications like Photoshop or Skype will not work in chrome OS

3. There are serious doubts about the security of data in clouds as every day there is news about private data being lost from online accounts.

5. Also the price is also not less. It is around 500 dollars. In this price, you can get normal laptops with all features

But there is one thing we need to consider. This product is form Google, from the source of most famous search engine and android. So the chance for success is very high. Also as it is a technology of future, it may overcome the disadvantages in future


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    • vinner profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from India

      Acer also released one chromebook along with Samsung. Let us see who is the best seller and what are the new companies going to release chrome book

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      me also have the same opinion. I prefer to keep my data in my system. if the price is also very high, what is the point in buying such a device. I agree to the point that it is the technology of future, but it needs to improve a lot. very nice article vinner

    • jponiato profile image


      7 years ago from Mid-Michigan

      I think this kind of thing will be great for most people. I am one of those who worries about my data being in the cloud. There's just something about me that wants my data on my own workstations and servers, even though that means I have to control security myself. It is probably not a healthy attitude - its probably safer to use a big host like Google to take care of it.

      Thanks for the information. I'll guess there will be many more devices using this solution in the near future.


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