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How to create pdf file

Updated on December 11, 2012

FreePDF Free Software

One of free pdf conversion software is FreePDF XP that is called FreePDF now. As the name called, it's free too.
FreePDF functions like a printer. it prints to a pdf file.

I have used the FreePDF for more than two years and I am satisfied with it, because I can make pdf files from every file or every application that I want to.

You can convert word files to pdf files. Another application as excel (xls), presentation, internet sites, graphics, etc. can be directly and easily converted (printed) to pdf.

FreePDF Join

FreePDF has also a program that I like, called FreePDF Join. The FreePDF Join merges or joins any file you want into one pdf file.

FreePDF Join Example

For example, I have doc1.doc and a pdf1.pdf.

I print doc1.doc and I choose FreePDF in my printer list and then I save it as doc1.pdf.

Then I click the FreePDF Join program.
The window program comes out and I click open file menu from it and choose doc1.pdf, then again open file, now I choose pdf1.pdf.
doc1.pdf and pdf1.pdf are in the list.

I can also change the order of the files, with up and down arrow.

Then I click the save symbol to make the doc1.pdf and pdf1.pdf into a pdf file, and give new file name, e.g. newdoc.pdf.

So I have both my doc1.pdf and pdf1.pdf in a file - newdoc.pdf.

Download FreePDF

According to the FreePDF website:
"FreePDF is still developed further and maintained. The version 4 bring along again a set of adjustments and runs under all current Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 - for 32 bits and 64 bits."

Download FreePDF freeware.

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    deselma 5 years ago from Germany

    My pleasure that it's an input for you & thank you for your comment.

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    Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

    This is really handy. Thanks