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How to make money from reseller web hosting

Updated on March 26, 2011

Expert Guide on How To Make Money From Reseller Web Hosting

You might have heard about reseller web hosting before.If you are wondering about 'what is reseller web hosting' read this:

Lets outline the steps needed to make money from reseller web hosting:

  1. Sign up for reseller web hosting
  2. Set up your website
  3. Promote your website
  4. Earn money

1.Sign up for reseller web hosting : You can quickly find the best reseller web hosting package .There are lot of sites selling reseller web hosting packages.Sign up for one program you find suitable.I would advise you to get the package from a company which gives excellent customer support.Also see to it that they provide latest web hosting control panel.

2.Setup your website : Setup your website.Your website contains details about web hosting packages offered by you.Provide different types of packages.

3.Promote your website : You can now promote your website by advertising your website.

You can also check this :

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4. Earn money:  You can get paid whenever anyone buys web hosting packages from you.

Advantages :

  • No need to have your own web server
  • No need to recruit large staff
  • Recurring payments

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