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How to make money from blogs?

Updated on October 11, 2013

Writing blog for money

Anyone can start blogging but making money from your blog is another aspect of blogging. Writing a blog and making money from a blog are quiet different things, both of them may not work for everyone simultaneously. There are million and millions of blogs out there which are not making any money at all.

Blog is mainly used as a log of events for general public, it has nothing to do with money making directly. A blog is often used by companies and corporates as an alternative way to increase brand visibility, increase public interest in there product or service.

In order to make money from a blog, it has to be planned well in advance (but it doesn't mean that planning is the only criteria for making money from blogs). The subject and contents must be kept in mind. Who will write and how will he procure contents to write is another issue.

Buy Best Resouces to Get Help in Earning Money from Blogs

Maintain A Unique Blog

In order to make money from a blog, one must maintain some uniqueness in it. There is no definition of unique in the sense that how can it be unique. There are so many factors which make a blog unique like:

  1. An attractive name
  2. Attractive Design
  3. Uniqueness of posts
  4. Useful posts
  5. Covering a topic with new insight
  6. Non technical and easy to understand
  7. Each posts with some helpful practical tip on the topic

Repeating the same information which is already available on several places online, will not help in establishing a blog. People need some interesting feature to stay on and to revisit, nobody likes to visit boring places, which has nothing new to present. Uniqueness is No.1 secret of online income, which can also be applied to make good money from your blogs.

Blogs are no more difficult to setup, we have a number of options, a number of blogging platforms to choose from whether for free or a price. One must always remember that free isn't always worthless and expensive isn't always the best, choice actually depends on requirements and goals.

Blog Archive Showing Updates
Blog Archive Showing Updates

Frequent Updations are Necessary to Make Money from Blogs

A blog is a commentary, its a narration. If it is not frequently updated the story remains incomplete. There is a major difference between a blog and a website. A website is still, calm with limited activities over a period of time. A blog is dynamic, it volatile and changes with the time.

Any blog which is not frequently updated or is stale will hardly attract visitors. Even search engines don't consider blogs which are not frequently updated.

I've seen many people who are making money from there blogs using one or more sources. They spend a lot of time everyday to get quality information for there blogs. They not only write a fresh post everyday (some write in every few hours) but also read a number of quality blogs on that topic.

The poeple who are making good money are actually spending good time on there blogs. Most of us think that simply starting a blog and updating it in months can bring lot of money. Some people even start blogs on a topic which they seldom love (they do so because they think that theme of there blog is a high paying niche).

So, if we want to make money from blogging, we must spare some time everyday or everyweek for its updation, as frequent updation plays an important role in success of a blog.

Burn Blog Feed with Feedburner
Burn Blog Feed with Feedburner

Publish Feed to Improve Blogs Visibility

If you own a blog and are still not publishing feed (RSS, XML, Atom) then you must do this now. Publishing RSS feed improves blogs visibility, it increases its circulation which also means more subscribers and visitors.

Blog feeds also increase search engine visibility as they add a number of 1 way link to your blog over time.

Publish Feed with Feedburner

You can publish RSS feeds for your blog using Feedburner, which is a free service and is now owned by Google. It will not only publish feed but it will also provide some basic stats on its readership.

A feed published with Feedburner will not only help you to distribute your feed but you can also add Google Adsense Ads to your feed which means adding another source of income i.e. a chance to make more money from same work.

For more information please visit Feedburner and join using your Google Account.

How to Have A Top Successful Blog

Blogging is one of the most easiest online tasks for those who love to write. It is a good way to communicate our feeling, share our vision, discuss personal things. Blogging platform provided by Google is the best platform for the beginners, where they can learn things on there own, make improvement with every mistake. There is plenty of information available online on blogging which is really helpful and makes things easier for a blogger.

Although free tips and tricks are available every where online they don't teach every thing from step 1 to final success in blogging. We have to use our own judgment to use one here and another there. There are a number of paid and free guides which are also very helpful but one of the best paid resource is 'Blog Master Mind' program by Yaro Starak. I personally follow his advice on blogging because its really helpful for monetizing a blog and driving good traffic over time.

Making some money from hobby is one thing and doing something for money is another, making serious money with blogs requires serious efforts and a professional attitude. Blog Mastermind is one of the most valuable resource for those who are serious with blogging and still far away from success. Visit Blog Master Mind to learn more (link provided within Blogging Resources).

Create A Blog at Blogger - Its Free

Start Blogging for Making Money
Start Blogging for Making Money

Ways to Make Money from Blogging

There are a number of direct and indirect blog monetization tricks that can help a blogger to make money from his/her blog. Some of them are:

1. Advertisements like Google Adsense, Kontera, Chitika, Text link Ads

2. Sponsoring : A blog post can sponsor interested readers to other programs.

3. Paid Reviews : Writing review posts about some website, blog or product.

4. Affiliate Commission : Using links to affiliate products like Amazon Marketplace, Ebay etc is also a nice way to make money.

Most of these monetization tricks will work well with any successful blog, a new blog will have to first of all work on its promotion by adding quality posts, optimization, submission etc.

Good writers can also get writing assignments and other freelance work from its readers.

Don't Forget to Update Blogs Regularly

A blog ranks well when it is updated regularly with fresh contents. We all love to read fresh contents, watch current news and incident and search engines know this, that is why they hold blogs and websites which were not updated recently.

In order to make our blog popular (which is basic requirement to make money from it), we must do something with it regularly, in one way it will help to look fresh and in another way it shows that we are actually interested in this blog and its subject matter. Those who love a subject, always have something to say about it and a blog is an interactive media, when we stop to post, people stop to respond.

Policy of frequent updation not only applies to blogs but is a part of every online entity. Even in real life, we love things that are in news, show freshness.

We can decide when to update our blog, there is no hard and fast rule to update blog or anything, it can be a day, a week or even month, depending on our circumstances, topic and interest in the subject.

Your Comment on Making Money from Blogs.

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      8 years ago from Online, in search of income

      No, it is not but it does adds value to contents.

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      8 years ago

      I wanted to know if it is money-wise beneficial to put the news capsule in between the hub?


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