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Best Blogging Platforms

Updated on August 30, 2012

Best Blogging Platforms

Blogs are in vogue today and every wants to use the best blogging platform which can help them to start easily and find success rapidly. Here are some of the best blogging platforms available today.

Which one is best is a personal choice but definitely those which are most suitable for beginners are better then those which requires some technical skills. Anyway, take a look first and then decide later.

Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

Which one do you think is the best blogging platform today?

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Blogging As A Platform for Success

Bloggers often achieve the level of success which isn't always possible with a day time job, success isn't always a money based criteria but it can be anything which one wants to achieve in his/her personal life. It can be a social awareness goal, name and fame, reaching new audience, finding new markets, a feeling of achievement or just happiness.

Most of us think of blogging as a platform to reach success which ordinarily means making more money to uplift our lifestyle and most newbie bloggers are actually inspired by this idea. You can learn more about ways to make money from your blogs using some tips to success.

How did you choose a blogging platform and why?

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    • online4income profile image

      online4income 5 years ago from Online, in search of income

      I too have the same opinion, beginners should start at blogger. Yes, there are a number of options, but they will only delay there decision making and most of them will never start a blog.

      Thanks for your visiting and sharing your views.

    • peacockct profile image

      peacockct 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I think blogger is the way to go for beginners. It allows tremendous customizations. Posterous is also a great option. It allows you to blog by email! There's so many options out there today that someone just starting out could get caught up in searching for the perfect platform. It's okay to try them all but don't let it distract you from blogging!