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How to Match Your Browser to the Bandwidth on Android

Updated on April 10, 2013


The android devices are used to browse similarly to the browsing experience provided by the desktop computers. To enhance the browsing experience, the android device owner should employ measures especially on how to match your browser to the bandwidth on android. Web browsers used on android differ in the manner in which they are able to deliver content.

Browsers should be matched to the bandwidth on the android phone and specifically to what is on offer from the connection made available. There are numerous web browsers which have been developed specifically for the android platform or others which have been tweaked and updated to work on android devices. The most notable changes have been those applied to websites and website content such that it is displayed on the android devices and all other mobile devices.

The browsers work differently with the majority able to display all the content on a website while others will cut back on the content displayed. This is especially so when the browser has been specifically configured to cut back on content and facilitate faster browsing. It becomes an inconvenience if parts of content cannot be accessed. On the other hand, it is equally difficult to choose the appropriate browser for every connection type that the android phone or tablet uses.

Hence, there is the need to know how to solve this problem of matching your browser to the bandwidth on android. Advances in technology and innovation especially on the android platform has to it that this problem is not a big headache.

The provision of the Smart Browser Chooser app has seen to it that the problem of how to match your browser to the bandwidth on android is no more. Android users are saved from the complex tasks of tracking internet bandwidth and usage as well as learning and choosing the browser to use at specific instances. Whether it for the 2G, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connections and data plans, the app will do all the difficult work for you.

Therefore, to match your browser to the bandwidth on android, take the easy route by spending a few minutes to find and install the Smart Browser Chooser app. The browsing experience on android will never be the same again

Match Your Browser to the Bandwidth on Android Using Smart Browser Chooser

Here are easy and straightforward steps to have the app installed and enjoy browsing with a compatible and faster browser depending on the internet connection.

  • On your android device, connect to the internet and find the smart browser chooser from Google play.

  • Click on the download button and the app will be downloaded and saved in the android phone or tablet.

  • Install the Smart Browser Chooser app.

  • After installation in your android device, open the app, select and set the browser types to use with the different internet connections.

The browser choices made should be those that provide the best possible speed and those that are a personal preference. The Smart Browser Chooser app has its own default settings aimed at finding providing maximum browser speeds with a specific connection.


It will be important to change the settings of other browsers as indicated by the app to ensure smooth operation and browsing on an android phone or android tablet. Browser can be changed depending on the browsing session and connection especially after the installation of an update which may alter or affect function and browsing speed. All these are important tips which will ensure faster browsing and will even save on bandwidth and data usage.

Match browser to bandwidth on android

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