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How to save your Firefox info

Updated on January 7, 2013
The Firefox About Window
The Firefox About Window

Mozilla Firefox is, according to, one of the most used internet browser around. If you like Firefox and use it as your default browser, you may want to save your info (bookmarks, saved passwords, preferences, history, extensions, cache) for using it on another device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc) or just for backup purposes (this is always a good idea). If you want to use a portable version of Firefox, installed on your USB stick, transferring your profile to the portable version is also a must.

To save your info you have two options: MozBackup or Firefox built-in Sync feature.

1. MozBackup is little piece of free software you can use to both create or restore a backup file for your Firefox info (profile). MozBackup can be downloaded from here. The software is very intuitive and easy to use. It will create a *.pcv file that includes all your data. Using MozBackup you can backup/restore multiple profiles.

Please note: MozBackup will not run if Firefox is running.

If you plan to fully re-install your operating system (with a hard disk re-formatting and re-partitioning) backing up your Firefox data will save you a lot of work and time.

Mozbackup working
Mozbackup working

2. Save your Firefox info using Firefox built-in Sync feature. You can use Firefox Sync to synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, settings, history, add-ons, and tabs with Firefox on other computers. This can be done in two steps: first set up Firefox Sync on your main computer and then add each of the other computers.

The difference between this method and using MozBackup is that Firefox Sync will store all your data onto secured Mozilla servers. You are the only person that can access your Firefox data, since it is secured with a very strong key.

To read more detailed information about Sync and how you can use it, I would strongly recommend you to learn more by visiting this link.

Firefox Sync Window
Firefox Sync Window

As you can see, these two methods are using different approaches. Use the method you think will serve your needs best.

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