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Microsoft Excel - 29 undiscovered tips for troubleshooting

Updated on July 10, 2009

Below are some undiscovered tips for the Microsoft Excel troubleshooting

1. Go ahead and join text in multiple columns.

2. Now set the print area.

3, You should exclude some duplicate items in the list.

4. Now multiply all text values by 1 to change all text to numbers.

5. You can also use the Text Import Wizard to change text to numbers.

6. Sort all decimal numbers in an outline.

7. Use a data form to add records to the list.

8. Now enter the current date or time.

9. Now view all the arguments in a formula.

10. Now enter the same text or formula in a range of cells.

11. Link one text box to data in one cell.

12. Now you can link a picture to a cell range.

12. You can also troubleshoot some long formulas.

13, You can also view a graphical map of the defined name.

14. Now fill blank cells in a column with contents from a previous cell.

15. You can also switch from a relative reference to an absolute reference.

16. Go ahead and use the OFFSET function to modify data in cells that are inserted.

17. Use the Advanced Filter command option.

18. Now use some conditional sums to total data.

19. Use some conditional sums to count the data.

20. Go ahead and use the INDEX and MATCH functions to lookup data.

21. Drag the fill up handle to create a number series.

22. You can also automatically fill data.

23. Now, use VLOOKUP function for unsorted data.

24. Return every 3rd number.

25. Make a round to the nearest penny.

26. Now install and use Microsoft Excel Help.

27. Always remeber to not open and save directly from a floppy disk.

28. Use just one keystroke to create a new work sheet or chart.

29. You can also set up multiple print areas on the same worksheet.;en-us;843504

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