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How to work with attachments and the messages in iPhone 5S?

Updated on October 4, 2013

In this post I am going to tell you how to work with attachments and multiple messages while using the Mail feature in an iPhone 5S. So let’s check out how to do it.

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How to handle attachments in iPhone 5S?

  1. You can save a video or photo to your Camera Roll by “touching and holding” the video or photo till a menu appears. Next “tap” Camera Roll.
  2. To use an attachment with another app make sure to “touch and hold” the attachment until you get the menu, now “tap” the app that you want to use for opening an attachment.
  3. You can include attachments in your reply. When you reply to a message, attachments aren’t included. To include them, forward the message instead.
  4. You can see the messages with attachments. The Attachments mailbox shows messages with attachments from all your accounts. To add it, “tap” Edit while viewing the Mailboxes list.


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How to work with multiple messages?

  1. To mark, delete or move multiple messages, you need to first “tap” Edit while viewing a list of messages and then select few messages. You can also “tap” Mark All and then choose your action. Suppose if there is a mistake then to undo it, immediately shake iPhone.
  2. You can organize your mail by creating mailboxes. If required you should select the list of the mailbox and then “tap” Edit to delete, create or rename it. Remember, it is not possible to change built-in mailboxes. Messages from all your accounts can be displayed by using smart mailboxes like “Unread.” You can “tap” the ones you would like to check.
  3. You can also recover a deleted message, for this you need to go to the accounts Trash mailbox then open the message, now “tap” the symbol shown in the figure 2 and move the message. If you have just deleted a message then you can undo it by immediately using shake iPhone. Add the Trash mailbox to check all the deleted messages from all your accounts. For adding it “tap” Mailboxes and then “tap” Edit, now from the list select it.
  4. Instead of deleting a message you can archive it, for doing this Turn Archive Mailbox in “Settings”--> “Mail”, “Contacts,” “Calendars” --> “account name”--> “Account”--> “Advanced.” Instead of archiving a message if you want to delete it, “touch and hold” the symbol shown in the figure 1, now “tap” Delete.
  5. Without opening a message you can also deal with it. For this you should “Swipe” left on a message, now “tap” Archive or Delete. You can also “tap” More for moving a message to a Junk folder and you can also flag, forward, move and reply as well
  6. You can set the life of messages in the trash. To delete the messages from the trash after a certain time interval select “Settings” --> “Mail,” “Contacts,” “Calendars” --> “account name” --> “Account” --> “Advanced.”

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