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How To Change Video Files to Audio Files

Updated on October 30, 2012

You've downloaded a bunch of videos that are accompanied by great music and you want to be able to listen to that music without having to watch the videos. It's possible, if you know how to change video files to audio files. This lets you reduce the size of the file so that you can have the music you want even when you are no longer interested in the video - or so that you can have the video files on your computer but just the audio files on your mp3 player. Doing that doesn't take too much trouble at all. You just need to get an Audio to Video software mixer program for your computer and follo some simple steps.

Here are the basics that you'll need to know about how to change video files to audio files:

  • First, you'll need a software program. You buy this software program from a computer store or download one from the Internet. You can get a really simple audio extraction software program which will basically just break down the files for you and allow you to extract the audio from the video. Or you can get a much more complex software program that will not only let you change video files to audio files but will also let you do mixing and other conversions. Which type of software you'll want to get depends on how much you want to do besides just change video files to audio files. The keywords that you'll want to look for when trying to find a good software program are "video to audio", "audio extraction" and "converter software". Some programs that you could consider are those listed here which include Extract Audio Converter and Power Audio to Video Converter.
  • You'll need to either download the program on to your computer or run it from the disk that you've purchased. If you're downloading it, make sure that you're running security software as well so that you don't get a virus from bad files. Store the program somewhere on your computer that you'll be able to find it again, such as on your desktop or in your music folder. This will mean ignoring the automatic prompts of the program and selecting your own file to store it in when that option comes up so pay attention as you install the software.
  • Then you just run the program. Each one will be a little bit different. But essentially what's going to happen is that you'll be prompted with a series of tasks such opening or loading the video that you want to convert to audio and then hitting a few buttons to select the audio extraction. You'll be asked what kind of files you want to convert to. In most cases, you'll probably be converting to mp3 format. That will allow you to listen to the newly converted audio files on your computer as well as on any mp3 players that you might use.

It's common practice these days to convert video files to audio files for use on any number of personal music devices. And since it's common, it's easy enough that almost anyone can do it!


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    sarif 6 years ago


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    black jak 7 years ago

    hi this so good , but i found this software {audio converter extractor max} , and found it on this site

    i can extract all my audio cd's , and can convert it in the same time ,i can convert any video and audio files also

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    save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

    Nice one, but before checking that cross check about what is converting format of audio file so that there is no cluttering voice in between.

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    elmarko 7 years ago from Ireland

    Nice one, that was bugging me for f******g ages!!

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    mrcoopr2010 8 years ago

    Excellent hub

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    freelancewriterva 8 years ago

    Excellent Information

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    intogadget 8 years ago

    thanks for the insightful hub

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    Daniel 8 years ago

    Frankly, I think this is a little unnecessary. "How to fix a car. Take your car to the mechanics shop. Pay the Mechanic. Wait. Congratulations, you just fixed your car."

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    sameul 10 years ago

    this site is sick

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    orange 10 years ago from Kochi

    Hi Kathryn,

    Nice and informative hub.

    Thanks for the link.