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Email YouTube Video - How to Embed a Video in an Email

Updated on September 30, 2010

Using YouTube to send videos

So, you've become a YouTube fan. Who can blame you? The site has thousands of videos worth watching from old public service announcements that are funny precisely because they're not supposed to be to random clips of strange things that people film themselves and post for your pleasure. And YouTube is a site that works well with our desire for instant gratification. You do a quick search, find the video that you want to watch and then it's there. And you can easily use the codes and information that are provided by the YouTube site to send those videos to other people that you just know will love the same content that you do.

If you're not yet sure how to email a YouTube video to your friends, here are the steps that you need to learn:

  1. Go to the YouTube site.
  2. Set up a YouTube account.
  3. Search for and find the video that you are interested in emailing to your friend.
  4. Look underneath the video at the various links that are provided by YouTube. One of these says "share video" and has the little envelope icon indicating that it's for email. Click on this button.
  5. A new window will open where you will fill in information to email this YouTube video to someone else. The first thing that you'll enter is the person's email address. Then you will enter your name (assuming that you want them to know who sent it). Finally, you can enter a personalized message letting them know why you're sending it to them. (Sure, you think that your best friend is going to know why you want her to watch a video of a squirrel acting silly, but she might not so why don't you go ahead and tell her why you're sending it. If not, the default message is going to be "this is awesome".)
  6. Click send and the window will close and your email will be sent so that your contact can watch the YouTube video that you loved. You can send multiple people the same video by entering multiple addresses into that address box. However, you can only send one video at a time so you'll need to go through this process again if there are other videos that you want to send.

There are a number of different reasons that you might want to email YouTube videos to people. The obvious one is that you saw something that you liked and you want to share it. But you might also be thinking about marketing and other reasons for emailing videos. For example, if you're in a band that has a new video clip on YouTube, you can use this process to email your entire list of contacts the new video.

There are other ways to email YouTube videos as well. For example, if you use an image hosting site that includes video hosting (such as PhotoBucket), you can follow their instructions to send YouTube videos via email. Similarly, if you're on site like MySpace you can use embed codes to send YouTube videos through messages on the site. And if you're familiar with html, you can use the embed codes to put the video directly into an email. But if you want to keep things simple, you can just use the tools that YouTube provides for you to share videos with others directly from the YouTube site.


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    Zdenek Sedlak 5 years ago

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    Zdenek Sedlak, Czech Republic

  • profile image

    feleb 5 years ago

    hi man i love you

  • profile image

    Paul 7 years ago

    If you want to play the video in the email, you have to learn html.

  • profile image

    nina 7 years ago

    okay already know how to send a you tube video in the email, but i want to know how to send a you tube video ready to play without having the person to click the link to go watch it. I want to show the video in the email.

  • profile image

    guest 8 years ago

    thank you. precise and clear instructions.

  • profile image

    gmc2p 8 years ago

    I wanted to actually show the video in the video not have a link to it

    please help

  • profile image

    maik9707 9 years ago