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Faith And Religion Hubbook

Updated on May 1, 2017


This past year, I've been thinking about faith and religion and created a few hubs. This Hubbook is a compilation of these hubs.

- Dec. 2015


This hubbook is relevant today because religion is on the decline in America and we need to return to our traditions and heritage. Peace.

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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Very inspirational ideas. Continue ...continue. Peace.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia


      traditional religion evolves, changes and adapts.

      I agree that a lot of modern confusion seeks ways and means to jettison self control and basic ethics which is creating huge problems.

      It is human values that are the cornerstone of effective "religions".

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Oztinato, you are right and traditional religious belief is what I'm focused upon. The reason we are in such disarray is the lack of traditional religious followers which lead to disfuctional families and government.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      It depends on the definition of religion. If religion is more than just Christianity then there is a huge growth in religion even in the USA.

      Meditation for example is definitively a religious practice and even alleged atheists do it! New age practices are all based on spiritual principles and also fall under the heading of religion. Even the cinema has joined in with ancient religions in the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars (as the Force is a spiritual concept too). Science itself claims to be close to discovering immorality (a religious concept ).

      If we study such things carefully we can see a huge kaleidoscope of religious and spiritual practices going through changes and fresh evolution.

      It may be true that old time backwoods fundamentalists are becoming rarer but that doesn't mean religion is on the wane.