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Increase Web Page Traffic - How To Guide

Updated on August 25, 2010

How To Increase Web Page Traffic ?

Hello and welcome to this hub on :

How To Increase Web Page Traffic

This hub is a continuation of the hub :

50 ways to get traffic

Here we will discuss the methods which you can increase your web-page traffic within hours.

Lets now discuss about them.

The methods which can increase web page traffic instantly are :

  • Providing Easy navigation
  • Linking related pages
  • Highlighting main content in home page

1. Providing easy navigation :You should provide easy navigation in your website.Users should be able to navigate through your website without any difficulties.

To achieve this :

  • Avoid JavaScript links
  • Provide the links as text link
  • Avoid image links ie, using images as link

All users may not be having same configuration in their web browser. So its better to use text links in your navigation.In case you are having the navigation as images.Place text links too in navigation.

You can also provide a site-map (HTML) to make it easy for users to browse through your website.Site map file contains a list of all web pages in your web site with link to the web pages.

Viewing site map file helps users find the web pages they are looking for.

2.Linking related pages : It is a good idea to link all related pages.It would increase page views in your website.Make sure you use links at bottom of each page to link to related web pages.

In case you are using content management systems like word press , then there are various plug-ins to do this task for you.It will list the related web pages automatically.

3.Highlighting main content in home page: You can highlight your main web pages(web page having the best content in your home page) It will improve the page view of that web page.

Many established web sites use this trick to get maximum views in their main content pages.

So we saw about 3 things to increase web page traffic.

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If you find this hub page useful, please do leave me a comment.Feel free to shot me questions in case you have any queries.


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      Bob Diamond RPh 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA

      All of the above plus content, content and content.