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Ipad Writing Apps

Updated on December 13, 2012

Long gone are the days where writers toiled by candlelight with a quill and ink staining their hands with their long labours. Now writers have many options on how they work, from the humble pen and paper to computers and now Apples ipad brings in a whole new experience for writers to enjoy.

Having had an ipad 2 for over six months I can say that it has been a great aid in my writing, as both a stand-alone tool and a compliment to my home computer, with its light weight design Apple’s ipad is a great option to a traditional notebook, slipping easily into a purse or bag making it the perfect travel companion. But like a computer it gives you the ability to save your work, research, post online and so much more and if you use 3G you can do all of it on the go.

Which makes it perfect for us writers

Ipad apps for writers

There are so many different types of applications that a writer can download to their Ipad that at times it can be hard to know where to start. So here is a quick review of the best Ipad apps for writers that I have come across.

The first and my most used Writing Ipad app would be


This App is not what I would deem in of its self a Writing App, but the true fact is, that it is the tool that brings all my work together, once you install dropbox onto your computer and link it to your phone or Ipad you are able to take photos, documents and even videos with you no matter where you go.

With some very smart features this app is by far my used application, and I highly recommend it or another like it as soon as you can, as work saved to your dropbox file can be retrieved, even if you lose the original device you first saved it on… And best of all its free!



Designed to look like the old notebooks of old with smooth blank pages that are super easy to organise and best of all automatically save every word you type. This Ipad app is great for writers effortlessly syncing with drop box (a storage application that links your writing files to all devices, Ipad, home computer, phones etc.) This is a great way to be able to access your work no matter where you are keeping every file secure.

At $5.50 it is well worth the few dollars that they are asking to have this simple yet elegant writing app as your own.

Office2 plus

If you’re looking for a writer’s app that offers more options perhaps Office 2 plus is for you. With ease to view, create and edit word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go with either your iphone or ipad this compact app can be a great asset to those writers on the go.

Create word documents as you would on your home computer with most of the options that you would expect to have at your fingertips (bold, italic, adding images, auto correct, spread sheets and so much more)

With the same ability to connect to drop box (and other similar services) this writer’s app is well worth a look, and with a free download sample you have nothing to waste

Although there are some negative reviews to be read about this app I have included it in my list as in my own personal experience this Ipad writing app has always worked in the way that I expected…


iA writer

This writing App is slowly become my favourite out of all the ones ive tried so far, with a very simple outlook and a distraction free design the focus is kept solely on your writing. With its own simple keyboard it gives a fuss free typing experience .

With the ability to connect to AirPrint devices you can print out all your documents wirelessly and with dropbox and icloud integration you can write and edit on the go with the greatest of ease

And for only $.99 it is one of the most affordable and useful options available

Notes plus

This is a great app for those writers who wish to use different mediums with their writing. As very simple put this writing application supports handwriting, typing and audio recording.

With multiple other functions this is an easy to use writing app that will compliment any project that you may be working on.

One of the few apps that have an Undo and a Redo button, allowing recovery from hasty mistakes

This App is priced at $8.49 and I do recommend you check it out yourself if you’re looking for versatility


Dictionary & Thesaurus for Ipad

As most writers will know having a good dictionary and thesaurus on hand is a great tool in honing any work, and this app goes beyond even that, with over 2,000,000 definitions, audio pronunciation, search history and many more great features. This is a must have for any writer and with the ability to work offline it is by far one of the most functional writers app available

At the great price of free with the option to upgrade it is a bargain hard to go past

A Novel Idea

This writing App is more a tool than a program for writing itself. It gives the ability to plot out your story, design your characters, create scenes, locations and jot down quick ideas

Which can be very useful for keeping up with your own plot and keeping consistency with your characters and the settings your place them in.

I personally have found this app a great way to keep myself on track with many different writing projects that I have from novels to short stories

Being a great free app already it can be upgraded to allow dropbox syncing, scene writing and so much more for just $2.99


Writers App

Very similar to a novel idea this App allows writers to create a structure for their writing, write a synopsis, plot, theme and notes for your stories or novels, as I have only recently downloaded this App to help with my writing I am not sure which out the two I like the best, so I’ve add this one here so others may compare themselves


A writers App for those of us who have blogs, be it on,, Tumblr, or many others, this app allows easy creation of new blog entries, with the ability to save, edit and update.

An easy to use and understand App that allows for almost all the same features that you would expect to have on your home pc, just with the versatility of being able to work from anywhere .

And at only $2.99 it is well worth your time and money

(There are many other apps that cover other blogs so if yours is not covered by this app it could be worth your time to go on a search you may just find what you’re after)


As a writer and fan of Hubpages I have to say it was a true pleasure to discover this wonderful App. It gives the ability to constantly stay in touch with not only your own work but the work of your favourite writers.

This App allows you to answer and give comments, receive fan mail, post on forums and much more. A good App with the potential to grow into so much more

These writers Apps(which all can be found on itunes) are just the beginning of what is and will be available for writers on the Ipad 2 and up, so enjoy what our age has given us but don’t lose sight of your goal in all the shiny bling along the way, after all it’s the words not the tools that matter in the end…

© K.A.E Grove 2012

Please don't copy


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    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 5 years ago from Australia


      I love my ipad and using it as a tool for writing has been an awesome benefit, so I just had to share :)

      So glad that you like them :)

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 5 years ago from close to you...

      Bookmarked this. Thanks for sharing the iPad apps :)

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 5 years ago from Australia

      always exploring

      It is an awesome tool, and I am often amazed by how much the ipad has to offer, glad you enjoyed :)


      I can not recommend some of these apps enough I hope you like them as much as I do :)

    • seven2011 profile image

      seven2011 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing!that sounds great!I will try it

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I am such a nerd when it involves technology, but this seems like a great tool. Thank you for sharing..