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Is This The Most Insane Man On Youtube?

Updated on August 7, 2017
EB  Black profile image

E.B. Black is a woman in her thirties who loves Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and all things related to internet culture.

Crazy People On Youtube

If you've been watching youtube for years, like I have, you have likely seen a lot of people do a lot of crazy things for views.Some people just make the titles of their videos sound crazy, so people will click on them, only to disappoint their fans later when they find out the title was misleading. Other people actually keep their promises, doing crazy things like filling bathtubs with cereal and then swimming in it or eating a Carolina Reaper, which is the hottest pepper in the world. We watch in fascination as they struggle with pain or making messes so large none of us would want to ever clean it up.

Despite the crazy things you can see on youtube, I think there's one man who is the craziest person of all. His name is Coyote Peterson. He's a wilderness expert who has been featured on both youtube and television. People find him interesting because not only is he eager to get up close and personal with some very dangerous animals, but also because he's willing to purposefully be attacked by several of them and explain, for anyone who is curious, what it is like to survive such an attack. He also gives some tutorials on what you need to know for first AID when surviving certain attacks.

Allowing animals and insects to purposefully hurt you is not something that most rational human beings would be willing to do, so his videos get a lot of views due to curiosity.

Below are some of the craziest things he has done for videos on youtube.

#1 Handling A Black Widow Without Gloves

I screamed and winced the entire time I watched this. Not only am I scared of spiders, but I find black widows especially terrifying. When I was a young girl, I was bitten by a spider and had to go to the doctor because of swelling. That's where my fear of spiders started.

He reassures us through out the video that black widows don't really want to bite us and I think I get his point. Black widows just want to be left alone, but I feel no less terrified of them after seeing one crawl all over him and the amount of times he had to go out of his way to stay still and not frighten the black widow or it might bite him.

I was terrified the entire time watching it. My husband was next to me and I kept grabbing his arm, shrieking, and closing my eyes over and over again, but that's how it goes for a lot of his videos.

#2 Stung By A Lion Fish

I've seen these fish so many times in the wild. I have no idea how sharp their finds were! Watching this looked so painful and traumatic.

#3 Quilled By A Porcupine

I knew porcupine quills would hurt, but I had no idea how intense their quills actually are. They're not like a needle going inside, they're more like an arrow with a type of jagged tip that makes them really difficult to pull out.

I thought this was one of the best videos for teaching people stuff about nature. It's not uncommon for pets to get hurt by a porcupine if they live near the woods and without this knowledge some people might just try to yank the quills out of their pets and severely hurt the animal in the process.

#4 Fire Ant Attack

Ouch! As Coyote Peterson says in the video, fire ants get their name because people who get bitten by them say their hands feel like they are on fire. To see hundreds of them swarming like that and put your hands in the middle of them looks terrifying. I can't believe he lasted as long as he did.

#5 Scorpion Sting

I had no idea that people could be stung by certain types of scorpions and not need to be rushed to the hospital right away. I was taught that all of them were extremely poisonous. Even so, I wouldn't dare to go as near to a scorpion as coyote peterson did.

#6 Stung By A Cow Killer

A cow killer ant gets its name because of how terrifying it is to actually be stung by one of them. It's considered one of the most painful insect stings in the entire world.

#7 Cactus Attack

You wouldn't think a plant could attack someone, but these cacti have their own defense system, just like porcupines do. In fact, their spikes are very similar to porcupine quills because they have jagged tips that cause them to really cling to the person and makes them difficult to remove.

#8 Stung By A Bullet Ant

Bullet ants are not only huge and terrifying, they are one of the most painful insect stings in the whole world. Coyote Peterson, of course, is willing to be stung by one of them to tell us how painful it actually is.

#9 Stung By A Tarantula Hawk

Another insect that is considered to have one of the most painful stings in the world. Here Coyote Peterson is testing that theory on himself. I don't know how he can handle holding, let alone stinging himself with these things.

#10 Wearing A Bee Beard

I've seen so many random pictures of people online wearing bee beards that I thought bees in captivity were just tamer and that those people were in no real danger. This video proved me wrong.

Not only was he stung several times in this video, but the amount his face swelled was terrifying.

"Be Brave. Stay Wild."

Although these are some really close encounters and horrifying videos, they are by far not all the scary things Coyote Peterson has done. He has an intense love of animals and a fearlessness that makes it hard to look away and creates amazing content on Youtube. His Youtube channel is called "Brave Wilderness" if you are interested in seeing more.

So, do you think he's the most crazy person on youtube or have you seen an example of someone who is crazier? Have you been stung by any of these things?

© 2017 EB Black


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