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Jupiter Jack Review

Updated on January 29, 2011
Jupiter Jack Hands Free
Jupiter Jack Hands Free

Jupiter Jack Creates a Hands Free Cell Phone Device

The Jupiter Jack is an As Seen On TV item which effectively turns your car radio into a hands free cell phone device. The premise is simple, you plug in your Jupiter Jack to the car radio and you can drive safely while talking on the phone.

I've read several Jupiter Jack reviews and it's tough to tell if Jupiter Jack does work well or if it's just a bunch of hype. One thing I do know is that the As Seen On TV product folks sure do love this item. You may remember the Jupiter Jack infomercial with Billy Mays. When he died, the same commercial was going around with Billy Mays removed and some girl taking his place in the car. The most recent commercial shows Billy's former partner on Pitchmen, Anthony Sullivan, at the helm. Nothing in the commercials has changed except the actor. They all claim it works and makes driving safe. Let's take a look at the commercial so you can see what to expect if you buy Jupiter Jack.

Jupiter Jack Commercial Seen On TV

Jupiter Jack Review - How Does It Work?

So you've seen the commercial but how does Jupiter Jack work?  It's pretty simple actually and it makes me wonder why a hands free bluetooth device is so expensive. You really don't need them.

The point of Jupiter Jack is the same as any other hands free phone device. It's really dangerous to be driving while on the cell phone.  You lose sight of what you are doing behind the wheel when you are holding your cell phone, fiddling for a number or let alone drop the thing.  So having a hands free phone device makes sense and in an ever increasing number of states, it's illegal to talk and drive unless you are hands free.  So let's assume there's a need for Jupiter Jack in your life.

So here's how it works.  You just take the compact little Jupiter Jack and plug it into the headset jack of any cell phone and place it on the dash mount. Then preset your radio to 99.3 FM and you're to talk hands free. Your phone calls are transmitted through the speakers of your car so you can hear without having to hold the phone to your ear.

Also you can control the phone call volume using the volume controls of your radio.  There are no more wires getting tangled around the gear shift or blocking your view, no plugs to plug in after you receive a new call, you're just ready to talk.

Now, of course you can go bluetooth and accomplish pretty much the same thing but they are shockingly expensive.  They are also really confusing to set up.  If you're lucky you can get someone from the store to set it up for you if they have time but I was surprised how difficult my first bluetooth was when trying to run it through my car.  So Jupiter Jack is cheaper and a heck of a lot easier.

Buy Jupiter Jack
Buy Jupiter Jack

Buy Jupiter Jack Hands Free

Now I'm happy with my Jupiter Jack Hands Free Phone device but I'm not happy with the offer I used to buy it. The price has been cut in half since I bought mine. I believe I paid $40 plus shipping & handling which was a lot cheaper than any bluetooth device I found but if you find the right offer you can get 2 Jupiter Jacks for the Price of 1. That's a pretty good deal and It's probably the standard offer going around these days.

So if you want to Buy Jupiter Jack, be sure that you read the fine print and get the 2 for 1 deal

As Seen On TV Items

It's been a while since I've seen the Jupiter Jack commercials running in bunches. I wouldn't say they have completely disappeared and the item seems popular but there have been some new ads that seem to be catching on.

You see sometimes the ads become hits of their own regardless of the function of the products. Whether they are annoying or loaded with sex appeal, As Seen On TV infomercials need to have entertainment value to get people to notice. Two of the new ones have certainly gotten my attention and both seem to really work.

This summer has will be huge for The Perfect Punch and Grill Glove.The Perfect Punch commercials are showing up every night and the Grill Glove spots are on their way. I expect these will bury the competition until Labor Day when we see the Christmas ads start to air. It just seems like the As Seen On TV world keeps picking up steam.


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    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      Yes, it works in Canada. I tried 99.3. Make sure all plugs are tight, otherwise you may get noise.

    • profile image

      Pat  7 years ago

      Does anyone know if this works in Canada. I tried 99.3 and 101.3 and doesnt work. Mabey different frequency?