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Relocation Or Retirement To Jupiter, Florida

Updated on April 18, 2016
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Ms. Inglish is a successful employment & training pro, setting Midwest regional records with tens of thousands placed in gainful employment.

Jupiter Inlet, southeast coast of Florida.
Jupiter Inlet, southeast coast of Florida. | Source

Retire or Relocate the Florida's South Coast for Fun

Jupiter is a fun city on the southeast Gold Coast of Florida near the Greater Miami Area, north of Fort Lauderdale and south of Jensen Beach. it is also very near Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

Jupiter is famous for its inlet and lighthouse, and as a pit stop for ships and other travelers on the way to the Americas to the south. Jupiter is recognized among the Top 10 Best Cities in Florida for retirement.

The first non-natives here were the Spanish explorers that arrived in this area early in the 1500s. They discovered the Jega Native Americans already living here. The Jega’s own name for themselves was "Jobe" (long o, silent e), written as Hobe on some maps.

When the British arrived, they mistook the Jobe for Jove and decided it must honor the god Jupiter. The current historical attraction, the Dubois Museum in Dubois Park, is built on top of the local Indian mound built by the Jega.

Flowers Everywhere

This state was "Pascua Florida: by the famous Spanish adventurer Ponce de Leon on Easter Sunday in 1513. He did not find the Fountain of Youth he sought, but he did find the "Flowering Easter" that is in the State of Florida.

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Frangipani | Source
Poinsettia | Source

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

The property near Lighthouse Park was formerly part of Fort Jupiter, a military installation during the Seminole Indian Wars.
The property near Lighthouse Park was formerly part of Fort Jupiter, a military installation during the Seminole Indian Wars.

Jupiter Inlet History and Fishing

As settlers filled the Jupiter Inlet area in the 1880s, daily life centered around the Loxahatchee River and nearby Jupiter Inlet. Commercial fishing, tourism, boating, and sport fishing grew from out of this water-based living area.

By the early 20th century, logging, commercial fishing, plantation pineapple growing, flower growing, and citrus farming expanded to support the local market area and its residents. The nearby river allowed commercial access to riverboats and the railroad for freight and passenger transport.

The lighthouse at Jupiter Inlet - the Jupiter Light - has been a dependable guide for passenger and commercial boats for many years and is also a tourist attraction today.

Jupiter offers waterfront properties at its stretch of beaches, the Loxahatchee River, the Intracoastal Waterway (with public docking), and the

Florida History Center & Museum as well as many businesses and entertainment venues.The city hosts several art and culture festivals yearly and provides green spaces and parks for relaxation and recreational activities.

Jupiter is a good mix of single family residential areas, apartments, condominiums, and waterfront homes that attract families, professionals, retirees, and vacationers.

Florida Gold Coast: Southeast Florida

Jupiter FL:
Jupiter, FL, USA

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Historic And Entertainment Attractions

Jupiter Riverwalk

The Jupiter Riverwalk is 2.5 miles long and located along the eastern shoreline of the Intracoastal Waterway, moving on to the Jupiter Ridge Natural Area in the southern regions of Jupiter Inlet. It is an ADA accessible recreational area in which to hang out, use the bike/hike path, enjoy good lighting and street-side furniture, and watch wildlife from the observation decks.

The area also features boat docks, fishing coves, public restrooms, natural areas, a large park, and an entertainment district. Jupiter Yacht Club is included. This Riverwalk can be enjoyed as an all-day or evening adventure and some people use it every day.

Jupiter Riverwalk

Jupiter Riverwalk Florida :
6285 Riverwalk Lane, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

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The River Center, Bert Reynolds Park:
805 U.S. 1, Jupiter, FL 33477, USA

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Riverwalk Attractions

Under ongoing development plans, the Jupiter Riverwalk proceeds through Inlet Village. There, town leaders have begun projects to increase the number of sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, and adequate highways in order to ease congestion on routes A1A and Highway One. All utility cables are to be placed underground.

A scenic drawbridge is under refurbishment, a marina with historic boathouse and restaurants are under reconstruction, and a pedestrian Promenade District with shops and eateries is a go. A theater is expanding and a new min0gilf course will be fun for visitors.

Bert Reynolds Park is part of this area, with plenty of boating facilities, horseshoes pit, picnicking equipment and space, a playground and over1/3 mile of Intracoastal Waterway waterfront. The River Center is located there, with several aquariums that display the various habitats along the Loxahatchee River. Activities from coffee hours, story times, tours, and fish feeding/touch tank make a wonderful experience overall.

Jupiter Riverwalk Project Expansion

Tequesta Village and Tribe of Native Americans

Tequesta Country Club was built on top of a site that once housed a Native American burial mound. The country club grew in numbers and attracted residents around it, becoming large enough to incorporate as the Village of Tequesta in honor of the tribe that originally lived in the area. Interestingly, this village near Jupiter is the home of the Lighthouse Gallery and School of Art.

Another fishing camp of the Tequesta Nation was located in BIscayne Bay from 1000 - 1500 AD. A reclusive subgroup of the Tequesta people are the Calusa band found in several parts of southern Florida. The Tequesta Nation was very small, living peacefully on the shores near Biscayne Bay in Miami area. They lived on fish, shellfish, turtle eggs, and vegetation, buts, and berries. However, they did catch and consume sharks, sailfish, manatees, and even porpoises. They became extinct in the 1800s, because of dwindling natural resources and the effects of slavery on their people as settlers took over the area.

Tequesat is located just north of Jupiter on Highway 811 and south of Jupiter Hills Golf Club. Tequesta Country Club is located on the west side of the village. The golf club runs north into Jonathan Dickson State Park.  

Entertainment Map

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary:
Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, 2500 Jupiter Park Dr, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

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Roger Dean Stadium:
Cardinal Fields at Roger Dean Stadium, 4812 Central Blvd, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

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Florida History Center & Museum:
805 US-1, Jupiter, FL 33477, USA

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Loxahatchee River:
Loxahatchee River, Florida, USA

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Activities and Entertainment

  • Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Roger Dean Stadium - Minor League baseball and major league spring training.
  • Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum - This site has been closed down and is in development for another location in Florida to commemorate film and TV star Burt Reynolds (Gunsmoke, Dan August, Evening Shade; Smokey and the Bandit film series)
  • A large assortment of dining, clubs, taverns, golf courses, diving adventures, surfing, boating, and fishing.

55+ Activities through Parks and Recreation:

  • Big Band Sunday Dance Series
  • Canasta and Bridge
  • Exercise, including stretching and Yoga.
  • Internet and E-mail classes
  • Mah-Jongg
  • Softball
  • Tours and Cruises with entertainment and lunch or dinner - Musicals, race tracks, casinos, shopping.
  • 16 different town parks.

Education Adventure

Many college campuses in Florida offer specialized events and educational initiatives for Senior Citizens.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are increasingly offering free classes to senior citizens in surrounding communities. Most of these schools offer activities that enhance the lives of our seniors, including films and free lectures, celebrations, and another events that others may enjoy as well.

Business Market

Employment and Business Market - Increase from 2011 - 2015

During Spring 2015, this city experienced over 20,900 job vacancies advertised across the Internet.

  • March 2014 included over 17,000 job listings for Jupiter, up significantly from
  • July 2011, with 11,750 job listings and
  • January, 2010 with 7,700 jobs in the area.

Of the top high-demand jobs, most are in Healthcare, Information Technology, and Retail.

Top Job Posters

  1. HCA Health
  2. Tenet Healthcare
  3. Nextera Energy
  4. Lockheed Martin
  5. Swedish Medical Center
  6. HCA Medical Center of Lewisville
  7. St. Mary's Medical Center
  8. JFK Medical Center
  9. Saint Mary's Medical Center
  10. Palms West Hospital
  11. Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC)
  12. Florida Power & Light Company
  13. Martin Memorial Health Systems

Highest Demand Jobs

  1. Dentists and Dental Assistants
  2. Registered Nurses (RN) - includes Travel Nurses
  3. Software Engineers for Applications and Systems
  4. IT Project Managers
  5. Accountants
  6. Truck Drivers
  7. Sales Representatives
  8. Technicians in the Energy Industry
  9. Salespersons
  10. Store Managers
  11. Nursing Support Staff and Allied Medical Professions

Healthcare - Local Medical Centers

Retirement Living, Ages 55+

Retirement Living Map

Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, Florida:
1790 Indian Creek Dr W, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

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St. Joseph's Assisted Living:
350 Bush Rd, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA

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Tequesta Terrace:
400 Tequesta Dr, Tequesta, FL 33469, USA

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Sterling House and Clare Bridge of Tequesta:
211 Village Blvd, Tequesta, FL 33469, USA

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The Waterford:
601 Universe Blvd, Juno Beach, FL 33408, USA

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Quail Woods:
1551 Quail Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA

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Retirement Communities and Rentals

Retirement communities and over 55 apartments include:

  • Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter
  • St Joseph's Assisted Living
  • Sterling House and Clare Bridge of Tequesta
  • Tequesta Terrace Assisted Living
  • Waterford - Primarily designed for overall good heath.
  • Quail Woods at Live Oak Plantation: 1551 Quail Drive; West Palm Beach, FL 33409; 1 (866) 906-8933

Additional rental living in Jupiter tends to be pricey, catering to wealthier people that spend six months in Florida and six months in NYC, Connecticut, New Jersey and other northern areas.

You might wish to check out other best places to retire or work in Florida.

© 2010 Patty Inglish MS


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