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LG Revolution VS910 Battery Life Problem

Updated on October 9, 2011
LG Revolution VS910
LG Revolution VS910

Great Phone - Short Battery Life

Short battery life for your LG Revolution VS910 Phone? You are not alone. The LG Revolution VS910 has all the attributes of a terrific phone, lots of cool features, great sound, great connectivity...and it also has some of the problems of every other high end phone, namely short battery life.

The standard battery for the Revolution is a 1,500 mAh Litium Ion Battery. It has a talk time rating of 435 minutes and a standby time of 72 hours. The problem is those are relative ratings. If you read the fine print it is under somewhat controlled conditions and does not necessarily reflect real world conditions. There's a little asterisk that tells you that your times may vary.

Battery Life Issues

The reason your battery life varies is because each phone uses different applications and hardware configurations. For instance if you turn off your blue tooth, you use a little less power. This is a personal choice on how you choose to configure your phone, but your usage will vary from someone who does not use a blue tooth.

Solutions to Improve Battery Life for VS910 Revolution

There are many things a user can do to improve battery life. If you are one of those users who gets annoyed because you need to charge your phone in the middle of the day, some of these ideas will be very helpful.

  1. Turn off Unnecessary Features & Interfaces - This phone is pack loaded with features. Not everyone uses these features. As mentioned above, if you don't use BlueTooth, turn it off. Even if you are not connected to a BlueTooth Device, the phone still uses energy. When BlueTooth is activated, the phone is constantly trying to detect if a Bluetooth device is near by to sync up with it. This drains some energy. Similarly with the Wi-Fi and GPS features. If you don't use them, turn them off. If you only use them occasionally turn them off except when in use.
  2. Screen Settings - The screen on the VS910 is fairly large and bright. Most of the time you won't need full brightness. Turn down the brightness and set the timeout shorter to save some battery life.
  3. Turn off some of the syncing features on things like Email apps, Calendar and contacts applications if you don't use them. Similar to the BlueTooth, these apps are constantly trying to sync up the data. If you don't use these features, turn them off.
  4. Watch how you use the phone. If you listen to a lot of music or play games, this uses a lot of energy. Same goes for other apps you may use or download. Try to understand how much syncing will be going on with any of these apps before you install them. If they may need to sit in the background constantly getting or updating information, they are using battery life. Turn them off.

Now the best news is that there are some power control features on the phone that will help with some of these issues. They will limit the use on some of these apps but I say if you aren't using them turn them off.

3000mAH LG Revolution Extended Life Battery
3000mAH LG Revolution Extended Life Battery

Larger Capacity Battery for VS910

If you've done all you can but you are a power user you may have to look at upgrading your battery. As mentioned before, the phone comes standard with a 1500mAH battery.

If this does not suit your needs, there are upgrades, but the come with a caveat. You effectively double your capacity with a 3000mAH battery. This should be a dramatic improvement over the standard battery, however, it does come with a 'feature'. You will need to add a new rear door to your phone.

The larger capacity battery does not have the same dimensions as the standard battery. It requires more space, therefore comes with a reconfigured rear door. For some this may be unappealing. It also adds weight to the phone. There are secondary considerations like it may no long fit in some hard cases etc. If you are not concerned with any of these issues or are willing to compromise, this larger capacity battery can be had for about $35 to $50.


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    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @Keith, do you have a wall paper photo that is stored on and SD card by chance? Not sure why on these phones but if that background image is stored on the SD Card the battery seems to drain fast. It is the only thing I can think of that would cause the battery life to be that bad. Good luck.

    • profile image

      keith bryant 6 years ago

      I've had my LG revolution now for a week and sorry I ever changed from my old Samsung clamshell phone. I work in a large downtown building and by lunch I have no or very little battery left after 10 minutes of use during this time. This thing stays on a charger more than I use it and it never fails when I need it battery is very low.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @GmaGoldie - Thanks for stopping by. Yes battery technology is lagging behind the advancements in processing and memory for mobile devices...but there are some solutions. Glad to have helped.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      This is my husband's number one complaint. What a great article and very useful. I had no idea there were longer life battery or battery upgrades available.

      Great hub!