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3 Awesome Things Your USB Drive Can Do You May Not Know About!

Updated on April 29, 2012

USB sticks are everywhere. We have them, our kids have them, and every gas station and drug store seems to carry them.

There are so many uses for them too-

  • Storage
  • Transfer files from one location to another
  • Mp3s
  • College
  • High School

There are a few lesser known uses that are super sweet!

This hub will focus on my top three.

  • Portable Applications-Take your computer programs with you, leave no trace anywhere.
  • Xbox360 memory card
  • Live operating system-Run Linux on any PC-Mobile PC in your pocket!

Number One: Portable Applications-Take Your Computer With You

What is a portable application?

  • Imagine a Windows program you could just download and run without any installing, messy icons, and so on.
  • Imagine being able to drag and drop that app to a USB drive, and it would still run when you double clicked it from there.
  • Imagine the app saving your settings even if you ran it in ten PCs in a row.
  • Imagine leaving little to no trace that you were even there, even if you browsed the web, ran an office suite, and played a first person shooter game.
  • Imagine using the same exact browser at work or school as you do at home-no need to duplicate extensions and bookmarks, etc. Its the same program, on your USB stick!

Got it!

That is a portable app.

Its freedom.

Number Two: Xbox 360 Memory Card

Not too long ago, USB sticks were pretty useless to the Xbox 360 unless using them to play some music or video files.

Recently, Xbox updated memory support to include USB sticks up to 16gbs. This is good news if you have a small or non-existent hard drive for your 360.

Perhaps you got the family a 4gb Xbox with Kinect this holiday season, and with the two 16 gb. flash drives you can use as external hardrives, you end up with a 36 gb hard drive on your new xbox.

Learn all the ins and outs from the source, Microsoft:

  • Move a gamer profile between xbox hardrives and your usb stick for use on multiple xboxes (only one at a time).
  • Learn to configure a USB drive for use as an Xbox 360 memory unit, and see if it is right for you!

Number Three: Run a Live Operating System

A USB stick loaded with a Linux operating system will change the way you view "My Computer".

What you carry in your pocket is just as powerful as your giant old tower clunker at home. Your USB might even have a bigger hard drive HA!

A live operating system is one that does not need to be permanently installed on the host PC. It loads, you compute, browse the internet, listen to music, etc., and when you are done, you leave the host PC exactly as it was before you started.

You can run live operating systems off CDs and DVDs, but the USB drive has the advantage of being a mini harddrive with flexible storage. This way, saving settings is easy. New files downloaded from the internet can be easily stored for future use. With a CD/DVD, these are not options or are not easy options.

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    • pctechgo profile image

      pctechgo 5 years ago from US

      Nice hub on the uses of USB sticks. There is another I was expecting to see listed while reading this hub. It's the picture frames that display changing images. I have one of those and at least two years ago or so when I got mine, they use a USB drive to read pictures from.

      Thanks for sharing your hub.