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Mac and iPod together: what are the advantages?

Updated on July 9, 2011

The iPod is now the most used personal music player in the industry. For almost five years, most people have bought an iPod to get personal music entertainment. The iPod has improved over the years to become a system that plays not only music but also video and pictures. So you can have everything stored at your hand, when you need it.

Ipods present a fantastic combination of easy of use and performance. While other players have appeared since the release of the original iPod, many of the features have since improved, while other players have not been able the original easy of use.

The iPods are created by Apple, which is also famous for their personal computers. The question is, then, would it be an advantage to own an iPod along with a Mac computer? Many people would like to have a Mac, but they don't know if I would be advantageous to buy a new computer just to use the iPod.

While using an iPod is independent of having a Mac, there are some serious reasons why owning a Mac can improve your iPod experience.

First, the Mac can be used to generate content to be played in the iPod. For example, you should have heard that each Mac comes with a suite of free software to edit music, images, and video files. This package is know as iLife, a suite of media editing programs. The iLife suite includes the following useful programs:

iMovie: a program used to create and edit movies from digital and analog movie cameras. You can use iMovie to create semi-professional movies, including transitions, sub-titles, music, and other iterative elements. With iMovie, you can create video that is almost as professional as what you see in TV, and all this with little work. You can create astonishing videos to record your memories from vacation, travels, birthdays, and other important dates.

iDVD: you can record your own DVDs with the videos created in iMovie.

Garage band: with garage band you can create your own music products, very easily. With garage band you can use pre-recorded loops, and record voice or other instruments over this base. With garage band you can create your own band alone or with a few friends, and have professional results quickly. The results of garage band can also be transferred to the iPod, so you can enjoy your own music in the player.


With these products, the Mac can certainly make your iPod experience much more enjoyable and productive.

Last, but not least, using a Mac along the iPod is a good idea because both systems were created together. So you have less risks of incompatibility. In fact, the operating system of the Mac is used in the new generation of iPods, the iPod touch. This way, you can use the same operating system over the iPod and the computer, further reducing the possibility of problems.

And, of course, there is the gorgeous design of the Macs, which is as close as possible to the iPod, since they are from the same company. All these are reasons to buy a Mac and an iPod together.


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