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Mobile Gadgets: Iomega Ruby Red eGo External Hard Drive a Jewel with 320GB Capacity

Updated on May 12, 2013

When I hear the words “Ruby Red” I either think of slippers or grapefruit. In either case I would be on the wrong this time. Iomega sells an eGo Portable hard drive that is Ruby Red as well. How fun is it to have bright colored gadgets for a change – enough with the black, silver and white already.

You may think that Ruby Red is not as serious as those other colors. This time you would be wrong. This Iomega eGo has a 320GB capacity. It is rugged and can withstand the treatment most portable gadgets get. Their patent pending “Drop Guard” technology is built in.

The eGo is also more than just a pretty face. It has USB 2.0 connectivity and requires no external power. Just plug it into a computer and it is ready to save a huge number of files. If you have over 1,000,000 photos this drive is for you. If you have nearly 6000 hours of music this drive is for you. If you have over 450 hours of video this drive is for you.

Iomega eGo USB 2.0 320 GB Rugged Portable Hard Drive (Ruby Red)
Iomega eGo USB 2.0 320 GB Rugged Portable Hard Drive (Ruby Red)

The Ruby Red external hard drive hardly meets a computer it does not like. If you have a PC that is at least a Pentium II or faster (USB capable) running Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista this drive is for you. If you have a Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher this drive is for you.

Ego is available in different colors and different capacities


Using an external hard drive at your desk is different than using the same drive while in the field. As I mentioned before there is no heavy brick of a power supply needed. That fact alone makes the Ruby Red eGo more travel friendly. It may be a bit large for a shirt pocket but it fits easily into bag or purse and the bright color makes it easy to find.

I would gladly buy this gadget for myself but I sure would not mind receiving it as a gift. Just wrap it up in a nice box with a pretty bow. After all, it is a little jewel.


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