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Luxio SuperTalent 16GB to 64GB Flash Drive

Updated on July 22, 2013

Flash drives have extended the storage power of computers. An extra 32GB of data, music and digital photos can be accessed even if the computer’s hard drive is very small as in the case of some Netbooks. If necessary the contents of a flash drive can be encrypted in case of theft or loss. The Luxio SuperTalent flash drive also supports password protection.

Luxio will Reformat after 5 Failed Password Attempts

Partitions can be set (instructions on a PDF file on the drive). There can be separate partitions for public view versus private files. Remembering the password is important since the drive will reformat itself after five failed password attempts.


Save Physical Space by Using Higher Capacity Digital Space

Modern flash drives like the Luxio SuperTalent is available in large capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB. Price wise the 32GB capacity is often the best value. The Luxio is very elegant looking with its shiny black (wood grain or silver) finish with “Luxio” written in white letters across the bottom edge. A perfectly sized black leather case with a small silver tone clip is included in the box.

Older computers that only support USB 1.1 are not a problem since the Luxio SuperTalent supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0.

Flash drives such as the 32GB Luxio can handle large blocks of data. Data transfer speed is an import feature for the sake of time. An extremely fast data transfer rate is possible with the Luxio flash drives. The typical read speed for other flash drives are 7-12MB and their write speeds are 6-10MB. In contrast the Luxio SuperTalent is rated at 200X speed which is approximately 30MB per second read and write speed.

Luxio Compatible for both PC and MAC

The Luxio SuperTalent flash drive can be used on both PCs and Macs. It is compatible with Windows 98 and later and Mac OS 10 and later. The included software works on PCs and the format is Fat32. If you prefer NTFS the drive can be reformatted.


Luxio - Geek Jewelry

If you have ever thought about giving a flash drive as a gift this is the one to choose. I have already told you how great it looks but the packaging is great looking to. The box itself is specifically designed to look as elegant as the drive. If you have purchased an Apple product you know the type of box that I speak of. Mine came in a black box with Luxio written in black tone on tone. The lid opens to reveal the Luxio SuperTalent and the leather case fitted into slots on a suede-like insert – kind of like geek jewelry.


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