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iPhone and iPod External Battery Pack and Charger by RichardSolo

Updated on July 8, 2014

Talk, snap pictures and show off video without worring that you will run down your iPhone battery

The iPhone is an extremely exciting cell phone. Once the iPhone 3G was released I surrendered my PDA phone. Yes, I miss my Windows Mobile OS. However, I like having a small computer to use day to day. As far as I am concerned my iPhone can take the place of my laptop in several ways. Email links taking me to the web. Web pages open and function the way I expect them to. There are more iPhone Apps available than any one person could keep track of.

Now that I own an iPhone 3GS web pages load faster – so guess what – I am surfing even more than I did before. I jog most mornings and I wear Nike + running shoes. My iPhone 3GS monitors my workout information from my shoes. Shooting video is another great addition on the iPhone 3GS. I could go on and on.

Battery life becomes an issue quickly. I find myself re-charging daily. When I see my battery gauge showing 45 percent and I have pictures to snap and videos to show I get worried. It is not always convenient to plug in.

The RichardSolo 1800 is an external battery pack that extends the iPhone’s usability. In fact it works with the iPhone, the iTouch and other iPods except the Shuffle. This battery pack fit directly into the docking port of the device. In addition to extending battery life and recharging your iPhone or iPod, there is a red laser light and a bright LED flashlight built-in.

The iPhone or iPod is fully functional while the RichardSolo 1800 battery pack is attached. Its appearance is much the same as the iPhone so it does not look too weird when in use. When the battery pack needs re-charging there is an included USB cable that connects to a PC.

I appreciate that the RichardSolo 1800 battery pack will not over-charge my iPhone. I also like that it is a Lithium-Ion battery that does not have a memory. Simply put – there is no worry about when and how often the RichardSolo 1800 is re-charged. Blue, red and green lights indicate the charging progress.

I carry several gadgets in my purse so it is important that the RichardSolo 1800 battery pack is thin and lightweight. I would be willing to give up the small flashlight that I carry now and replace it with the RichardSolo 1800.


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