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Moshi iVisor AG Non-Glare iPad Screen Protector No Bubbles No Hassle

Updated on May 12, 2013


Glare is the enemy of anyone wanting to use their iPad outside in the sunlight or while riding in a car with the sunshine streaming through the windows. There are television advertisements chastising the iPad because of its beautiful yet hard to see screen when someone wants to use it outdoors. Sure there are screen covers but who wants to deal with the bubbles and the time spent to get it to lay just right? Some of the screen covers simply protect the iPad screen from scratches but the Moshi iVisor AG does that and it eliminates the dreaded glare.

The Moshi iVisor AG screen protector is easy to apply and looks great. The edges are black just like the edges of the iPad screen. When installed it is difficult to distinguish it from the screen – until you realize that you can read it outside in the sunlight. Improved technology of the Moshi iVisor AG does not leave you with a grainy appearance like you see with some anti-glare products.

The Moshi iVisor AG is different in other ways too - due to the way it is installed onto the iPad. You do not have to spray water near your iPad. You do not have to scrape across the surface of your iPad. You do not have to fight air bubbles, fingerprints and lint underneath the iPad screen protector once it is installed. The smooth finger motions are not hindered by the Moshi iVisor AG and you will not see fingerprints either.



Installing the Moshi iVisor AG is easy. First you clean the screen with the included micro-fiber cloth. The iVisor holds its shape better than other screen protectors so it is easier to get it aligned correctly. There are no adhesives in the center of the Moshi iVisor – it only adheres along the black edges. If it is lined up with the button on the front and along the edges you are home free. If you get it a little crooked – remove it and start over.

It is best if you do not remove the Moshi iVisor but it is possible. It can be cleaned with plain water and can be reused if you change your mind later.

There are also Moshi iVisor AG non-glare screen protectors for MacBook laptops and for the iPhone 4. Installation is the same as with the iPad and the results are just as good. Without the glare of bright light hindering your enjoyment of your iPad and MacBook Laptops you are no longer relegated to the indoors or to the shade.


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