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Open Letter to Facebook

Updated on August 17, 2016
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Dear Facebook

We have been friends for awhile and I thought I would let you know that I appreciate our friendship, most of the time.

Just like any relationship we have had our ups and downs. We have had issues that needed to be ironed out at times.

Most of these issues are coming from your side. It's time we talk about them.

I'm not a fan of your Timeline. It's a royal pain in the butt. Why, oh why must you always be constantly changing things? OK, supposedly change is good. I agree it is. Most of the time.

Yet, when millions of people disagree with the change I think that's a telltale sign that maybe this change isn't beneficial to all. Possibly it's just beneficial to line someone's pocket. Probably not possibly, more like absolutely.


Author unknown but very clever! Feel free to steal this!:)

There are 12 TYPES OF PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK Here its goes ,Too funny! We all have one of each of these types of friends on our list:

1) The "Rooster" – Feels that it is their job to tell Facebook "Good Morning" every day.

2) The "Lurker" – Never posts or comments on your post, but reads everything, and might make reference to your status if they... see you in public.

3) The "Hyena" – Doesn't ever really say anything, just LOLs and LMAOs at everything.

4) "Mr/Ms Popular" – Has 4,367 friends for NO reason

5) The "Gamer" – Plays Words With Friends, Mafia Wars, Bakes virtual cakes and stuff, etc., ALL DAY.)

6) The "Cynic" – Hates their life, and everything in it, as evidenced by the somber tone in ALL of their status updates.

7) The "Collector" – Never posts anything either, but joins every group and becomes fans of the most random stuff.

8) The "Promoter" – Always sends event invitations to things that you ultimately delete or ignore.

9) The "Liker" – Never actually says anything, but always clicks the "like" button

10) "Drama Queen/ King" – This person always posts stuff like "I can't believe this!", or "They gonna make me snap today!", in the hopes that you will ask what happened, or what's wrong...but then they never finish telling the story.

11) The "News" – Always updates you on what they are doing and who they are doing it with, no matter how arbitrary, and Lastly....

12) The "Thief" – Steals status updates... and will probably steal this one

Facebook, we need to talk...

I understand you might feel inferior to Google +, but that site isn't all that. Facebook is still the best social networking site UNTIL you move our cheese and do something to annoy your members.

You insisted and were very persistant in all members adding the timeline. That action was wrong. Friends shouldn't insist that other friends do something against their will.

I first joined Facebook when my daughter suggested I become a member about 5 years ago. I was curious as to this "wall" thing she and her friends spoke about. Writing on a wall to me was known as graffiti and against the law, but on Facebook it's how you communicate. Oh the things I've learned over the years have been pleasant, aggravating, stressful and cool!

Like any other site you get your glitches and the raging posts begin. The rants subside eventually, but wow you could really cause a ruckus!

You have millions of friends worldwide, you are very popular and getting more popular everyday. You have the power to make a difference. You have a voice we all hear and listen to. So how about listening to our voice and hearing us once in a while?

I was wondering about the like button. When can we expect a dislike button? A TMI (too much information) button? An STD (stop the drama) button? How about a FTB (flip the bird) button? Now on to the poke. How about a punch? A slap? A kiss? Now those are some small changes you could make for us.

Add more fun to our Facebook experience and less stress with a timeline and news ticker.

Do you really think we care which pages, photos or status our friends like? Um, no. I would like to give a shout-out to the fact that we are now able to "unfollow a post!" LIKE!

What's up with the questions on our update status? How are we doing? How are we feeling? What are we doing? Come on FB, do you really care? Are you going to reply is we respond? I think not. Heads's annoying, yet amusing.

I'm thankful for the opportunities that FB has to offer. I've met countless new friends. I've reconnected with old friends. Okay, some of them I would have preferred to keep in my past, but it's all good. There are multitudes of support groups which have offered comfort and solace to people around the world.

Oh, let's not forget about Zynga. I was an addict at one time. Luckily that's behind me now. I am so thankful for the players who are now close friends that are near and dear to my heart.

How about more privacy? Yes, I'm aware of the privacy setting. I'm referring to basic, everyday privacy. Heads up: Google+ has a lot more privacy options. Just sayin'.

How about creating more FB polls and you could ask us what we want? I have to give you credit for your spam control. I don't see as many friends accounts get hacked as much. If I do I could just click a little button and report it. Kudos to you for that!

I like how more businesses are on FB. You must be making millions or possibly billions of dollars just from ad revenue alone.

How about lowering your ad costs? They are a bit extreme, don't you think? Come on, Mark Zuckerburg you have enough money to last you countless out the poor folk, why don't ya?

I bet you thought this letter was over...

I have another suggestion. What are the chances we are given an option to block comments. There are times I post something just to keep track of it on my timeline. As a journal. Comments aren't needed, yet appreciated. Something for you to think of during your next round of moving our cheese.

In the time I've been on my Facebook journey I've witnessed many occasions.

Some moments were celebrations and some were times of sorrow.

I'm impressed with how my FB community stood together and offered virtual hugs, cheers and lots of love.

  • Weddings!
  • Graduations! From Pre-K to College!
  • Grandbabies coming into the world!
  • Friends who've passed on:(
  • Relationships being reunited or born!
  • Divorces! Break-ups!
  • Getting a job! Losing a job.
  • In sickness and in health.
  • Causes to support or ban!
  • Sensational court trials!

The list continues but I think you get the idea. I forgot what life was like before Facebook and I'm sure many could attest to that. I'm thankful for you!

The point of my letter is to kindly ask you to slack off on the constant changes.

Just chill out or I will have no option but to move on over to Google+ and you will only have 799,999,999,999 users! In the meanwhile keep up the good work.

We could all make a difference one step at a time. Thank you for your part in helping me do that. In the meanwhile I thought you should know that I "like" you.

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Meet FB Founder Mark Zuckerberg

© 2012 Linda Bilyeu


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