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How to optimize yours web pages for search engine spider?

Updated on November 22, 2009

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization means to make yours web pages search engine friendly.The main aim of the on page optimization is that the search engine spider read out the page well.The On page optimization involves the following factors:

  1. Researching And Choosing the keywords:

The first step towards the one pages optimization is the choosing most suitable and relevant the keyword for the web pages.You have to perform very advance and deep keyword research for good result The golden rule is that look for that keyword which have low competition and high number of daily search.You can use special software for that purpose to Ensure quality.After keyword research you have to compile a list of suggest keywords for each page.Remember that the search engine rank web pages not the sites so give high attention to each pages for better results.

2.Using the keywords:

After the deep research and compiling the list of suggested keywords it is the time to use these keywords into yours web pages But member don't make your web pages keyword stuffed the excessive use of keywords in body and meta tags is dangerous and is a spamming technique.For example if yours web pages is about golf and yours main keywords is "golf games" and if you use this keyword excessively or use it again and again in body of the web page without any purpose except to get High Ranked so this is to dangerous for you.

Where to use suggested keywords.?

The spiders see your page as HTML code they could not read which is visible to human.They can read the following things:

  • The title tag

  • The META tags

  • The META Keywords
  • The META Description
  • The body text
  • HTML headings

  • Link text

  • ALT attributes of image

SO use yours keywords in these section specially for better indexing by the spiders and remember don't use excessive keywords keep yours content sound,simple and easy for human because yours first aim is to win the heart of visitors then the spider and it can only possible when you write quality content and don't use spamming techniques.


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