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Online Work from Home Opportunities

Updated on March 2, 2013
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Charlyn June started educating herself about financial literacy since January 2015 and is now advocating the topic to her family and friends


As a working mom, I have always been wishing to land a full time work at home job. During my more than four years of working experiences in the government, I have learned additional skills and have gained more confidence to market them in their related industry. I have gathered here some of the best online work from home opportunities to choose from.

Market your Skills

Due to the growing number of internet visitors seeking for jobs, outsourcing agencies have found a way to cope with their needs. They created a portal for job seekers to register, apply online and get selected by clients in various fields. The most in demand online work from home skills are:

· Content Writing – content writing is basically a type of writing based on gathered data on a specific field. Some clients will just ask their contractors to do a research in a certain topic or provide them with a title. This has become popular to companies who have an internet marketing website.

· Web Design – As I have said earlier, most businesses have already discovered the benefits of going online to gain more customer and to grow in their line of industry and be counted one of the top businesses. In this case, they will need the knowledge of a programmer or an IT expert to design and publish their company’s important details online.

· Customer Service Representatives – The call center industry has a new strategy to grow their manpower. They hire customer service representatives who could work from home at their most convenient time. Some operate globally and others in limited locations only. Though, applying to this job is easy, most employers require applicants to have more than two years of working experience on field.


Setting up your personal blog and begin to sell your piece. There are numbers of free blogging sites out there where you could easily set up your personal site without any knowledge in any programming languages. Start your online work from home by posting stories, poems, reviews and others. These is where you can show the world that you have the skill to write and later on drive clients to your blog for them to check if they will hire you for a writing job.

By blogging also, you can post your photography that is what we call photo blogging. Most travelers have passion in taking photos of places they visit. They document every part of their travel from the start of their hike, to the place where they took their first rest, up to their final destination. Everything they crossed upon, they take pictures and post it to their blogs. You have the right to put a watermark in each personal photo you upload in order to protect it. There are sites also where you can sell these photos individually or join contests which give reasonable rewards.

Affiliate Programs

Hubpages will be my number one example for this work at home opportunity. Although I consider my venture here as blogging, there is also one feature of hubpages that will possibly attract you too. Through its affiliate program, you can earn by joining and gaining advertisement clicks from your readers. There is a page in your account section where you could view your earning status. I have not yet started earning here though because I still didn’t reach the maximum hubs to be posted which is 50. I will be working hard in achieving this.

Affiliate merchants like Amazon, eBay, Google and others are will let you earn by paying per click. You earn when you refer a visitor to their site.

Selling Online

This time you not be selling your skills but things like clothes, appliances, computers, etc. There are several sites like eBay who lets users sell their personal products and put a minimum bid price. You can let your buyers pay you through credit cards, Paypal, or direct cash deposits to your bank account.

If you want to sell your products yourself, you can put up your own blog at sites like You will manage your site at your own design and upload pictures of your products and add product captions. Your customer can contact you via e-mail, chat, or phone. You just have to put your contact details in public.

Online work from home opportunities are a lot of help in decreasing the unemployment rates in several countries. More and more people depend on the internet to find a way to earn a living at their own ways. Listed above are some of the top ways to work from home.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope I have helped you with these ideas.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Work from home is not always successful, you have to know what to do online and off-course be computer literate. You have shared good points here.

    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 4 years ago from Milton

      Thanks Want Wait Till Your New Hub post

    • charlynjune profile image

      Charlyn June 4 years ago from Philippines

      Yeah, you're right.. We got to be more patient and dedicated in what we want to do in order to reach our goals.. Thanks for dropping by.. I'll check your page too..

    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 4 years ago from Milton

      Nice. The Best Thing I found Was that the more place you are the better. Then Backlink Everything Everywhere. I have not turned a profit yet, I should soon. Nice Info! Now Following