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Palm Pre Accessories - Protective Case and Touchstone

Updated on September 28, 2010

Sprint Palm Pre

Although Palm is not new to touchscreen smart phones, they have the new Palm Pre touchscreen with the slide out full QWERTY keyboard that has already swept the market. Sprint is the lucky provider of the Palm Pre, and since they don't have other smart phones like the iPhone or the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm, it's about time.

When you first open the box, you'll receive a travel charger, USB cable, wall charger, and a stereo headset, but when it comes to other accessories, you'll want to make sure that you get the right ones.

  • Palm Pre Memory Expansion: The Palm Pre features 8GB of internal memory, and it does not support any other memory expansion.
  • Headset: The Palm Pre includes a 3.5mm jack, but for general multimedia use, feel free to use any stereo headset. But, you can purchase bluetooth headsets, just check for any specific compatibility.
  • Cases: Because of the sliding keyboard, you won't have all the same options as the iPhone or Storm unless manufacturers get creative, so for the most part you'll have to pull your Pre out of the case to use it.
  • Car Mounts: Make sure to match compatibility of the car mount before purchasing any accessories or car mount for your Palm Pre. Most of them will come with a suction cup that fixes to your car, creating a firm grip on your Pre so that you can still use it, navigate the menus, maps, etc. without having to worry about your Palm Pre sliding all over the place.

Palm Pre Protective Case

Because of the touchscreen, it's best that you make sure to purchase a protective case to keep your phone safe from scratches that it can accrue in your pocket or purse. The selection of cases that Palm offers includes the Pouch Case and the Organizer Case.

  • The Palm Pre Pouch Case is one of the more flexible options. It is made of leather and has a magnet closure. The interior is made of a soft lining to make sure that your Pre is kept free of scratches.
  • The Palm Pre Organizer Case is considered like the Swiss Army knife of protection and utility because it provides ideal protection from scratches and mishaps, but it also allows you to hold everything in it.

As time passes, there will be more Palm Pre cases made available, to include snap on cases, silicone, plastic, and more leather cases. But, no matter what case you opt to purchase to protect your Palm Pre, you'll want to make sure to invest in clear screen protectors.

Palm Pre Touchstone

Palm has this nifty charging dock that you can use on your deck. The Palm Touchstone uses magnets within the dock to align your phone to the correct position in order to charge. While your Palm Pre is charging, you can still check your calender and watch videos in either portrait or landscape modes.

You can set your Pre on the dock when your on a call, and the speakerphone will automatically turn on, which is a great feature for people who work and talk. The phone will also automatically answer if it starts ringing while on the dock and you remove it from the dock.

You will need to purchase the Touchstone back cover, which is sold separately, and you'll need to use the wall charger that is provided with the Pre.

Palm Pre BlueTooth

With bluetooth accessibility, you can make calls using the hands-free bluetooth headsets. These are great if you're in the car, washing dishes, or just planting in the garden. But, if you're just not a big fan of the bluetooth headsets, there are other bluetooth accessories that you can consider using so that you can still keep your hands free while talking on the phone.

Palm Pre Headphones

Headphones are a great option for listening to music and watching videos on your Palm Pre so that no one around you has to enjoy the music or video with you, but with the in-line microphone you can also use a headset when making phone calls.

There are different options of headsets that you can choose from for your Palm Pre to include in-ear buds, around-ear headphones, or on-ear headphones that rest on your ear.


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