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Problems with The Palm Pre and Review

Updated on July 7, 2010

06/07/2009  there have been updates to the Palm Pre that have corrected some of the problems listed here.

So, I probably did the geekiest thing in my life yesterday… I stood in line at a Sprint store an hour before opening in order to ensure that I got the new Palm Pre. Well, at least I wasn’t the only one there; I as the 8th, so at least I’m not the only loser to do it. I mean, from what I hear at the same time in other, larger cities there were over 50 people standing in line. Kind of sad if you ask me, and you can because I was one of those people.

But, anyway… I figured since I had the newest iPhone killer in my possession, and I have put my BlackBerry Curve to the side for the time being, I would do a short review of the past 24 hours of using the Palm Pre.

I’ll start with this is probably the coolest cell phone that I’ve seen and played with, and that is to include the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm.

Just remember that because the phone was released in limited quantities, if you break the phone you'll have to wait for a replacement, even if you have insurance. The stores just don't have extras to give out right now.

Palm Pre Issues


The features are sweet, and the overall look and appearance is awesome. The Pre is lightweight when compared to the Storm but it’s sturdy and feel durable in your hands.


So, the screen is awesome, although I will admit that I was under the impression that the screen was going to be a little bigger, and end up about the same or similar size to my Curve. I was wrong, but hey it's still much better and much nicer.

As for how the screen looks... It's AWESOME! Clear and crisp. Videos are sweet. Just check out any YouTube video or video sent to you from a friend (who can take videos with his cell phone).

QWERTY Keyboard

The keyboard is slick. The buttons are flat and feel like little stickers, but they’ve been guaranteed not to peel off. They’re pretty simple to use as it is a full keyboard, but switching from a BlackBerry keyboard to this Palm keyboard still leaves a good bit of adjustment. Not to mention if you have a keyboard on the actual screen, like the Instinct, Storm, etc.- now that’s a true adjustment that just may take you a tad longer to get used to. But, hey the slider option is sweet for those people who do prefer the keyboard to an on-screen keyboard.


The battery life is pretty good. I’ve not fully charged the cell phone and it still has not died. I have been charging for short term, playing a good bit- several hours actually- and letting it done. I’ll be testing the full extent of the battery tomorrow.

I've heard a few reports of loose batteries that don't stick in place properly. Also, my boyfriend had to get a replacement Pre because his battery although at full charge decided not to work with his phone anymore and a replacement battery was the solution; he's getting a total replacement in a week though.

Answering Calls

When the phones locked or when you have another application up and you're receiving a call... Only half the screen shows the call, which isn't a problem, what is a problem is when you don't hit the green circle right and you ignore a call that you needed to answer. I've done this too many times, but more times I am able to successfully answer the call. Even when the incoming call takes the entire screen, I've ignored the call using the answer button NOT the ignore button. I think an update needs to occur with that software; I'm not sure if it's a user error or phone error. Could be a little of both.


The Pre doesn’t necessarily overheat like your laptop may, but it does get pretty hot, especially when charging via the AC adapter, and for this means, I’d definitely suggest the Palm Touchstone. When using the Touchstone, you’ll find that the Pre doesn’t get quite as warm when charging. It also gets pretty hot when using the phone and charging simultaneously.

As for whether or not the excess heat will cause a problem for the phone, guess I’ll just have to wait it out and see. I’m thinking there is a slight possibility, but hey could be wrong and I hope that I am.

On/Off Button

Whether it's my Pre alone or its a problem others suffer, the on/off button sticks. So, be careful when locking the screen, as you can press a wee, teeny bit too hard and it'll shut it off. Again making a 5 minute reboot painstakingly long. Also, if you have the problem, be careful of sliding the face too hard to putting the phone down too hard, as the button has stuck and shut off the phone.

This is quite irritating when you rely on your phone as a wake up alarm for work each day. I've almost slept through three times now, waking up a few minutes early to find my phone had shut off during the night.

Oh and because I'm a big fan of locking my screen when not in use, I've had to try hard not to press the button, as when I try to lock the screen, I've experienced a high ratio of the phone turning off because the button sticks, and booting up is a long and slow process.

Notifications (this feature has been updated with WebOS 1.4)

In combination with the lock feature, I find that it's quite irritating that there isn't a blinking light notification like the BlackBerry and most other phones have, you just don't know when you have a new message or email. You can click on the screen and see any notifications underneath the lock icon when the screen lights up or you get a new message, but there's no notification otherwise. I, personally, liked the blinking light when my phone was silenced and I got a new message; it was much more convenient. You just have to hope that you don't miss anything important because you won't find out until you receive a message or you manually check it out.


The apps are limited for the time being, but Palm is working on the Applications. Currently, they’re all in beta and free, so get them while you can, but watch out because some do have fees associated at some point in time after the trial is up.

Edit: Homebrew apps are great!

Video (this feature has been added with update WebOS 1.4)

The 3.0 MP camera is pretty nice, but there just isn’t a video option. You can view videos but you can’t take them. In time though, Palm will release that software update, as there are many people who use their cell phone to record video.


The ringtones are limited and boring. I’ve tried uploading MP3 ringtones, and it just wasn’t working. Maybe a little more time and energy, and I can get it to work, but with what I’ve tried, there was no such luck. I even had a friend send me a ringtone in attempts to save it, but again no such luck. I even tried having a ringtone sent via the BlueTooth feature, but again no luck in transferring the ringtone.

Edit: You can upload ring tones by mounting as USB and drag an MP3 into the ringtones folder on your phone.


That was probably one of the shorter reviews of the Palm Pre you’ll see for the first day or so, but I believe I’ve probably touched on the main issues with the Pre that you’ll notice within your first few days of using the new phone.

For the most part, I haven’t come across any other major problems. I will admit that when you first get your address book set up, the Pre has this odd auto format feature, but you can go into the preferences to set the grouping differently if you’re not a fan of the auto setting.

Just remember that the Pre is a BRAND NEW CELL PHONE, which means there will still be bugs in it and there will probably be a good number of Palm updates that you’ll need to make sure that you keep an eye on regularly. You want to make sure that your phone is properly updated, as this can not only help maximize battery life but keep software tip-top shape.

Ah. And one BIG tip all Pre owners need to understand. NEVER EVER EVER remove the battery. If your Palm Pre locks up, which it shouldn't, but if it does, you'll want to press the on/off button on the top right corner of your phone three times, and it will reboot the phone.


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    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      This is my first smart phone so I am not sure what problems are Pre and what are just smart phones. In general, the interface is fine. The web capabilities and syncing with e-mail is great. My biggest problems, in fact, are connected with it being, well, a phone.

      First, it is too easy to "b**t-dial. I've called lots and lots and lots of people by accident. I try to remember to put the lock on, but even just holding it, one can accidentally dial. Part of the problem, I think, is that it is too small. I have small hands and it is easy for even my fingers to accidentally flop over the edges and touch something on the face. The little icons about missed calls and voice mail are in the lower right and are way, way, way too easy to hit. Hitting the missed call icon calls back rather than just giving envelope info. Annoying. Maybe I want to know when someone called, but am not ready to call them right back. Don't get me started about accidentally hitting the little scroll and calling up "voice mail." That is a near daily event.

      This may be weird but a big contributing design issue, as I see it, is that the screen is rounded the wrong way. It bows out, convex, making the screen way too easy to come into contact with things. It should bow in, concave, so that one had to reach in, even slightly, to touch and activate something.

      Then there are the connection issues. About once every two weeks, I call someone and they can hear me just fine but it is dead silent on my end. I have to press the speaker-phone button off and on several times before I can contact. "Can you hear me now?" is more than just a Verizon slogan. It is a regular part of life with my phone.

      The keyboard is downright miniscule. For a while, I looked on the phone to see if there was actually a stylus included that I had to use. The toggle on the keyboard for numbers is cumbersome and annoying, especially when, for work, my official "i.d." number for logging in on a number of features is in the form of numbers and letters, sorta like q12z34a56. You can imagine how much fun that is to type on a small Palm Pre keyboard and small Palm Pre screen.

      Other than that, it's great. ;)

      I can also say that whoever thought of putting the little airplane/airplane mode icon at the top was a total doofus. I can't tell you the number of times I missed a call because, hours earlier, I accidentally put the blasted thing in "airplane mode."

    • profile image

      halolia 6 years ago

      I'm on my 3rd Palm pre...have had every issue that is posted on here, and I'm really fed up. My daugter is now on her 3rd Palm Pixi as well. We've had them since March,2011. All Verizon will offer is 40% off on a new phone. My phone bill is $230.00 a month, I shouldn't be dealing with these issues. I would not suggest ANYONE to purchase the Palm Pre or the Palm Pixi.

    • profile image

      kjjgfjg 6 years ago

      i hate this phone it's one of the worst phones i've ever had, the slider is F******, and now when i go to answer calls no one can hear me and i can't hear them, unless i put it on speakerphone. And when i have the volume on and go to dial a number, it makes no noise, and when i get a call or text message, or when the phone just "dings" it sounds all different.

    • profile image

      JEFFG 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      The palm pre sucks.i have to jump start my touchscreen,and put it by the AC in the car because it burns my face when im talking on it.I want my iphone back

    • yhzseoer01 profile image

      yhzseoer01 7 years ago from USA

      Good information! It is helpful!

    • profile image

      Michael Stanley 7 years ago

      Wow, no one likes the Pre? I've had mine now (from AT&T) for around 6 months and love it. Its not as good as the old Palm phones, but I haven't found a current smart phone I'd rather have. I have no hardware issues at all -- everything just works. Standard palm PIM. Have my contacts, todo, calendar (seamlessly merging from multiple external calendars), phone. Also watch movies, read books, listen/view podcasts, play games, internet, apps using internet (weather etc), news updates, and much much more. Everything I expected from a Palm phone.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Yep. It's normal.

    • profile image

      Carol Langstroth 7 years ago

      I just got my pre last week and I noticed it was getting very hot and the battery wasn't lasting. I went to the Verizon store and the guy said it was normal and there wasn't there anything I could do about it.

      Can anyone answer if this is normal

    • profile image

      Amber 7 years ago

      the little circle thing blinks when you have a message or notification..

    • profile image

      dina 7 years ago

      This is the worst phone I have ever had.

      It over heats, its constantly freezing, and when I select an application (say my email, it opens the application next to it (contacts) and if I click on Contacts, it opens the application next to that! OMG, its enough to drive me crazy. The on/off button is horrible. Got to to press down on that thing soo hard to turn it off that it can be very bothersome. But my biggest problem of all is the freezing. I have to take the battery out about 3x a day or shut it down ..and sometimes even THAT doesn't work!.I can't wait I get rid of it...and what's up with the 10 second delay when you finally do open an application. Trust me, this is NOT the phone you want during an emergency. I rather have an iPhone or a Blackberry.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      I've had problems with the Pre since I got it last year when it first came out. First, the battery wasn't sitting in its case and the phone would automatically shut down. Sprint fixed that issue and since then, the problem hasn't returned. Last month, the newest issue was not being able to make or receive calls unless I used the speaker. So everytime I answered the phone or wanted to make a call, I had to use the speaker feature. A bit annoying, especially when in public. Since I pay the monthly fee for insurance, Sprint replaced the phone at no charge; surprise! I should add that I spent my whole afternoon at the Sprint store waiting for my replacement phone to uploaded with all my data from the old phone. After all this, it wasn't over. After leaving the Sprint store, I went to text and the keys seemed to be stuck as I got about three lines of r's. rrrrrrrrr To top it off, the backspace key wouldn't backspace so I could erase the letters. So, I called the Sprint store to make sure they logged my problem and even the Sprint operator was surprised that I was having issues with my replacement phone. I haven't mustered up the courage to go spend another afternoon at the Sprint store to get yet another replacement, but will soon have to. Frankly, the Palm company has done itself a big disservice using CHEAP hardware for what could be a great phone. I'm very disappointed and annoyed and will be changing to a different phone once my two years are up.

    • profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago

      I'm pretty disappointed and will probably be chaI've had problems with the Pre since I got it last year when it first came out. First, the battery wasn't sitting in its case and the phone would automatically shut down. Sprint fixed that issue and since then, the problem hasn't returned. Last month, the newest issue was not being able to make or receive calls unless I used the speaker. So everytime I answered the phone or wanted to make a call, I had to use the speaker feature. A bit annoying, especially when in public. Since I pay the monthly fee for insurance, Sprint replaced the phone at no charge; surprise! I should add that I spent my whole afternoon at the Sprint store waiting for my replacement phone to uploaded with all my data from the old phone. After all this, it wasn't over. After leaving the Sprint store, I went to text and the keys seemed to be stuck as I got about three lines of r's. rrrrrrrrr To top it off, the backspace key wouldn't backspace so I could erase the letters. So, I called the Sprint store to make sure they logged my problem and even the Sprint operator was surprised that I was having issues with my replacement phone. I haven't mustered up the courage to go spend another afternoon at the Sprint store to get yet another replacement, but will soon have to. Frankly, the Palm company has done itself a big disservice using CHEAP hardware for what could be a great phone. I'll be changing to a different phone once my two years are up.

    • profile image

      Darlene 7 years ago

      Wow I love my Palm Pre. I'm a big palm fan going back to the Palm Pilots. I love being able to sync not only with Outlook but also with Google calendar. I love the "Where is my Pre" application so if I leave my phone somewhere I can go to Google maps and see where it! It's all good for me!

    • profile image

      Mary 7 years ago

      Absolutely hate the phone. The battery life is terrible and the screen blacks out all of the time. It is nearly impossible to answer and hang up calls. HATE IT.

    • profile image

      Claire 7 years ago

      Loved it. Hating it...Got it last week:

      PALM PRE was boiling hot when I hung up after calls last night. Put it on the touchstone and at 4am, it is dead.

      Any ideas? I have tried the hard restart, and it is not responding in any way. Aloha, Claire, Maui, Hawaii

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      That was an update to the phone. It is now available to all Palm Pre cell phones. When the phone was first released, it did not have the feature. That is a fairly recent feature added with an update or two ago.

      Remember, I've had my phone since the day it was released. Not all the features on the newer updates were available when this was written, upon first purchase of the phone.

    • profile image

      annesophie 7 years ago

      I don't know if I have a different version of the Palm Pre, but mine has a white light to significate me that I got new mails or SMS... or missed calls... it's weird that yours doesn't have this feature.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      Are you referencing the micro USB charger or the Touch Stone? What exactly do you mean by usability? Usability in regards to other products?

    • madeline Oscar profile image

      madeline Oscar 7 years ago

      I would like to know the usability of the palm pre charger because it was very innovative.

    • profile image

      i wanna palm pre  7 years ago

      i wanna palm pre my dad acidentaly dropped my other crapy phone in the dish washer so i have to get another one but i have to pay for it to and i wanna palm pre so bad wawa

    • profile image

      Troy D 8 years ago

      Recently, my Palm Pre decided to shut off with a full charge. I had to remove the battery to see any life in the phone. Even then all I see is "Palm" written on the otherwise black screen. The next day the phone returned to normal then I was looking at photos and it shut off again. So I removed the battery and once again I see the Palm logo and the phone is nonresponsive. I suppose I'll have to wait another day to see if it returns back to normal. this is my second phone. The first one had an ear piece problem so the phone only worked on speaker phone mode. Looks like this one is going back as well.

    • profile image

      A*Rose*25 8 years ago

      So I need some help if anyone has any suggestions. I was texting my dad merry christmas and the r got stuck and sent him like 3 pages of r. NOW my keypad will not even work. I need help I usually text more than I talk. Please provide suggestions. Thanks for on the help

    • profile image

      CProgrammer 8 years ago

      I have returned my Palm pre a total of 8 times. From over heating, broken slider, broken power button, blown pixels.... this phone is truly a POS! i ended up settling for a real phone....without issues and by no means is cheaply made....HTC Touch pro 2.... i wouldn’t recommend the palm pre to my worst enemy. The Web OS is cool, but the hardware is garbage! Whats the deal palm? you have 20,000 kids in Somalia making these POS phones? Truly discouraged and disappointed, the biggest waist of time! This solidifies the fact that I will never by a Palm!

    • profile image

      julie browne  8 years ago

      I purchased the pre and the first one had no battery power at all, it was exachanged for another battery but that drained inside a few hours. I was then given another palm pre phone and once again the battery died losing upto 57% of power inside one hour without any usage. The apps would constantly freeze and i was disapointed that although you could view videos you could not actually use the video function. The screen would freeze too. although i agree this is one very sexy phone. it should not be on the market yet as it has too many faults. once these faults have been rectified it will be a great little phone as it really does have some great aspects to it.

    • martycraigs profile image

      martycraigs 8 years ago

      I have a Palm Pre and have in fact observed at least two or three of these listed problems. Nevertheless, there are really great aspects of the phone.

      Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      k ashley 8 years ago

      and my pre....wont let me dial out..if its not in a completly lit area..whick i have been, during the sunny day in the trying to dial and it wont even dial the numbers im pressing until i hold it up to the windshield where it can see the sun, then it'll let me pretty over it, and without long nails, its almost impossible to text and a decent speed....i miss my instinct!

    • tonyhubb profile image

      tonyhubb 8 years ago

      Thanks for the review, very nice hub :)

    • profile image

      ZAKK 8 years ago

      I see the last post was 2 months ago now, but I just stumbled aopn this while tryingto talk my brother and hit fiance out of thismistake.

      My girl friend and I both got one in late august. I am on my third on now in mid October.

      My first Pre kept asking my if I wanted to go into 'airplane' mode every 2 minutes. I did not want it to, but it did anyways a few times and I missed a very important call from a prospective job offer. i brought the phone in to the Store and the customer service guy did not trust me because he had never had that problem before. They said I needed EVERYTHING that came with my phone in the box. I had to drive home, search for everything, then check my girlfriends box to make sure I had everything. Then they gave me a new one. Her phone still worked perfectly.

      2 weeks later my phone starts saying "battery very low, will turn off soon'. But I have 86% of my battery life left. It turns off, and it take a good 7 minutes to get it back on. Not the way I want to start my day. I bring it in right away and the same customer service guy says there is nothing wring with it but gives me a new battery. The same thing happens. If I set my phone on the desk or table to hard it turns off, if I dont use both hands to slowly close it, it turns off. So I go and get a new phone. AND I have to send in my rebate for the third time.

      All in all, I do like the Pre, I just wish it worked. I have bigger fingers but I type slow so it isnt a huge problem. I do want a video camera on it. The screen looks nice and I have not dropped it yet (Knock on wood).

      The best part for me is the web. ESPN is right there, and now I like watching youtube vidoes, I never had before.

      (just as I was writing this my key board stuck)

      If you want to spend the big bucks on this phone go ahead, but make sure you go back within 30 days if you have any problems and want out.

      Thanks to everyone for not making me the only one who is not 100% happy.

    • profile image

      david2086 8 years ago

      I have one but it's a paper weight now lol I never liked it but I have the g1 from T mobile

    • Yangtze profile image

      Yangtze 8 years ago

      thanks for the review, i was thinking to buy one

    • Dangazzm profile image

      Dangazzm 8 years ago

      Thanks, this is very informative... If given the opportunity I think I will try this phone out... Assuming I won't be paying an arm and a leg for it :P

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      Cool thanks. I've seen the current Tour with Verizon, and it's pretty nice.

    • thesleepingman profile image

      thesleepingman 8 years ago

      Great review, I wrote a hub comparing the Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Tour 9630 for Sprint and I will be linking back to this page for the Palm Review. Thanks, this hub is so informative I think I will join your fan club now.

    • profile image

      RNbus 8 years ago

      I have had the Pre for about one month. The battery life was terrible until I made some changes to the email program. I also turned off the GPS and the location features. I only turn them on when needed. For a brand new operating system, the Palm's WebOS is awesome. Soon the Palm WebOS will have 200 programs written for it. The only problem that I have with the Pre is the slide mechanism is a little loose. The phone is great otherwise.

    • mmiller profile image

      mmiller 8 years ago

      I just bought my Pre the other day and also did not receive ANY user's guide with it. I'm satisfied with it so far, however, the battery loses its charge really fast.

    • profile image

      gonzagalver 8 years ago

      I so agree with so many posts here....haven't liked my phone since day one. For one, too sensitive. Now it turns off on me like someone posted, set it down too hard, slide it too hard and I (for lack of a better term), "pocket dial" people all the time, can't answer phone (by sliding) when it rings, can't hear my phone even though I have downloaded "loud" music and when I used the GPS feature, killed my battery sooner than it should have. What does one do when spending so much on a phone? Want to turn mine in....but not sure what to do from here. Thanks for all the posts, I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      There haven't been any major updates to the phone; just a few small ones. You just got a good one. I love my phone, but still have issues with it, but that's to be expected with a new phone. There will be kinks with the phone for a good year, I'd say. Depending on when you go the phone, you may find yourself running into some of the problems. My phone for battery life was great for a while, and now it's dead before I leave work at 5:15.

    • profile image

      BigDaddy 8 years ago

      WOW...... Palm must have made significant improvements between these comments and the time I purchased my Pre... I have not had any of these problems in any way shape or form. I have dropped it on the street and even down a flight of stairs and it still looks and performs perfectly. It boggles my mind whatever formulation of plastic palm uses, mine has no scratches even after the falls. As for Battery life, I get a complete day out it and put it on charge at bed time... I don't think that's a bad deal at all on power, and, I turn nothing off to save battery life. The screen is vibrant and crisp. Watching videos and viewing my pictures is awesome. I haven't had any problems with the power button nor the keyboard. It took me like half a day to get used to it, but, I can email and text faster as anything else I have ever used. The touch screen is great, not too sensitive not too tough.. All in all, I love this phone!!

    • profile image

      Rich R 8 years ago

      Sorry - just realized you can just slide the ringer switch off, automatically turning off all system sounds (including your alarms, which is important), regardless of all the various volume settings in your preferences.

      If you set the "Ringer Switch Off" option to "ON", the phone then vibrates when you slide the ringer switch off. Easily done when you put on headphones. *slightly flushed with embarrassment*

    • profile image

      Rich R 8 years ago

      Annoying design flaws re the ringer and use of headphones:

      1) If you're listening to some soothing music with your headphones on at low volume, and you forget to turn down your ringer, you'll get absolutely blasted out of your chair when a call comes in. Not cool that you can't set it to automatically lower the ring volume to match headphone volume.

      2) When you plug in your headphones, the ringer still rings externally as well as in your headphones. Fantastic when you're sitting in the New York Public Library reading room and forget to both plug in headphones AND manually turn off the external ringer.

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 8 years ago

      I love QWERTY types of phones.. a good read here, thanks for sharing..

    • profile image

      Frustrated  8 years ago

      Extremely frustrated with this device. I had the HTC Touch Pro and was ready for an update. Mind you, I'd had the Pro for less than a year. I lost it and had to get a new phone. So, Pre it was.

      I'd heard all this hype and was excited to see how it would manage. I bought the phone Wednesday (yesterday) around noon. I am going straight back to Sprint tomorrow and ONLY because they were not open anymore by the time I got off work.

      It has horrible Apps. And, the FB one is pathetic. But, ya know what? I could deal with that. What I can't deal with is the phone not operating at all.

      I charged the battery last night before bed. This morning it was at full batt life. I noticed that the battery life was draining VERY quickly. Yes, I was playing and fiddling with it a lot. But, if I'm depending on this device when I'm away from home (travel for work, etc), then I expect it to be able to handle my needs. By 5:30, the phone died. I get home and attempt to charge the phone. NOTHING. Okay...maybe it just needs to charge for a bit before I can turn it back on. Nope. It's just dead. A goner. Won't charge. I've tried charging via my Touchstone and directly through the mini USB. Not even a hint of life. No sign of charging, no way to turn it on, nothing.

      I'm not sure if this is related to the loose batt problem that others have mentioned, or what the issue is. What I do know is I expect better. Sprint will be seeing me bright and early tomorrow morning.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      I agree that lately I've been having problems with my keyboard freezing up. I don't have any problems with the overall screen except every now and then it gets a weird shadow on it that goes in the pattern of the hidden menu bar that you can pull up. It's crazy.

      I've also had issues with the on/off button, as you've mentioned, but mine has gotten better than it used to be.

    • profile image

      Robert Winslow 8 years ago

      I tried very hard to like this phone, I even found myself making excuses for Palm, trying to convince myself that the phone was good. Here is the list of issues I have with Palm and this phone. 1) Poor quality Where to start. A) Slider phone has caused the phone to rock from side to side. While, I expected some play I did not expect this much and for it to get worse. B) Screen, Why did they put such a cheap screen in this device. The should use the same quality screen as the IPhone and iTouch. The screen feels cheap on this product, and seem like you can scratch it way to easy, how do ladies use this phone without scratching the hell out of it? Also, what is with the strange yellow discoloration that has started to appear over the last few days, it became very annoying. C) The phone feels cheap in your hand, the plastic casing is so thin that I feel dropping it from a short distance would simply destroy this device. D) Power button, at first was nice and firm, now is starting to get so loose that I am fearful it will fall out. E) USB port, why would you put a small cheap bit of plastic over the port? Why make it so some people crack the flimsy plastic case covering the Phone trying to open the phone? F) cheap plastic housing, I am sorry I expect this device for the cash to not be so dainty, I was in shock when I seen how thin the battery cover was. A plastic spoon has more support and durability. 2) Power Power, I am sorry I should not have to turn off major portions of the system just to make it past the day. The Apple product does not require this. Even just listening to MP3's places a large drain on the battery. I found myself more concerned about battery power that I was simply not enjoying the features of this phone that would have made it fantastic. 3) Keyboard, Randomly for no real reason I can see, the keyboard just stops working, this leads me to reboot the phone. Even my old Windows based phone required less reboots. 4) Application support. The selection of software suck, please don't give me the line that Apple did not have much when it launched, we are not dealing with new ideas and they were trying to compete with Apple in this area.. The fact remains that this should have been a focus, Apple set the bar and anyone producing a phone that has 3rd party app support should come out the door strong. I have not seen one new or updated App in the Palm store in the time I have had the phone, where is the software? The API set is a joke, the API that is BETA does not have any ability to program at a lower level, the software and games will all be WebAPPS until palm get its head out of its but and realize they need to give lower level support (Read c c++ API's). There is and will only be so much that can be done with WebAPPS. Palm, claims to be open but are far more restrictive then Apple when it comes to direct access to the hardware. 5) Screen cracks, while I personally have not experienced this issue, many have and from what I have ready many did not abuse the device and no support or help from palm for these people. 6) Keyboard hard to slide out, yep I am going to make an issue out of this, I found it very cumbersome anytime I had to slide the damn thing out, there simply was no way to do this with one hand, if you tried to do it with one hand it always seemed that I would snap something. Closing the keyboard was not as hard, however, you had to use to hands to close or else it would slam shut and make you think the cheap plastic housing would crack. In closing, I wanted to love this device, I tried to find ways of making it fit into my life as apposed to it just fitting. The only thing good I can say about the device is the choice of the processor, even if we do not have the ability of taking advantage of it. I do wish to thank everyone here that answered my questions and tried to help me. I wish you all luck, I suspect that if this does not kill Palm that the next version of this phone might be worth having. Until then, I will go back to my old age phone that has more features and functionality. This is Hellweek Signing off.

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      Palmer 8 years ago

      I bought the pre last Saturday and ended up taking it back on Monday. On Sunday the battery lost power within 6 hours even though I had NOT used the phone at all, and it had charged all night Saturday. I found the keyboard slider to be fragile and the phone itself because of the slider I supposed was not tightly set, so it moved around. I turned back on my treo. I wanted the pre so desperately and am now hoping that when I purchase it agsin (for I will) the hiccups will have been updated.

    • creativeMind profile image

      creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin

      the screen is wide and definitely looks good..

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      JROQUENDO the loose battery seems to be the biggest concern. I'm just having problems with the on/off button sticking and shutting off the phone. You're right that you should not have the jigarig the phone but it's new and being the first to get a brand new phone you HAVE to expect some problems.

      LongTimePalmUser I think in time there will be more apps. Already more and more are showing up for available. It's just a matter of time because the phone is brand new and all. As for the battery, I don't think that it's the battery life that caused the phone to die after 2 hours; you may have a problem with the loose battery or something like that. My battery lasts a good 9 hours while texting all day, making calls, and internet browsing. I'm still getting used to finding the symbols on the keyboard; some I haven't found on the keyboard or in the symbols area. I overall love my Pre, but need the on/off key fixed but to me that's a simple change of a replacement. Sometimes you just have to go back to old trusted though.

      I just added a section about issues answering incoming phone calls as well. That's a problem I've been having, in addition.

    • profile image

      LongTimePalmUser 8 years ago

      I read your review and I would say that for the first 24 hours, I was like you. The phone is cool. I didn't even have to wait in line, but being a business customer had my rep pre-order me one. I have had a palm since the early beginning, black and white screen and all. I have upgraded to a new device and thought I was big time when I got the first Treo and my phone and palm were one.

      My experience with the pre has been not so good. I have had HUGE problems with battery life. Yesterday I had used it for only two hours and it shut-down on me. I charged it for two full hours and it still would not turn on. I was traveling and couldn't use my phone and that is a problem for me. I am an Computer Support Professional and my cell phone is my link to the office when I am away.

      Another issue I found was relative to the synchronization with my exchange server. I have a dozen Treo and Centro phones and never had as much pain getting the synchronization to work between exchange and a smart phone. It took me about 36 hours of trial and error working with self-signed certificates which would never work and I finally had to break down and purchase a 3rd party signed certificate before I could get the Pre to synchronize with my exchange server.

      The lack of applications and more specially business applications is a bit bothersome. I was told that there are thousands of developers working on applications for the Pre, but as an early adopter I was sad that there were so few. I did find one that allows you to use older palm applications on the pre using a palm os emulator, but since I purchased the application it has given me fatal errors three times and I lost what I was doing on the other application.

      The keyboard sliding took some adjusting from a treo to the Pre, and the query keyboard layout changed from the treo so the first two days I was typing wrong characters because I was so accustomed to the treo query keyboard.

      The email application doesn’t work as well as the one on the treo either. I found when I reply or forward emails the text is all combined in the original email so when I sent something to my wife or by boss they can’t read the original email to know what I was forwarding them. With the treo it forwards the original email as an attachment and doesn’t pull the whole thing in with no carriage returns or formatting.

      I must admit that there are things that are very slick on the Pre. The merging of contacts from my facebook and exchange was wonderful. I was able to email someone whom isn’t in my exchange contacts but is in my facebook – very cool! I did find that there were contacts combined who were not the same people, even with different area codes and phone numbers, but a few minutes and I had them separated.

      Overall, I would say that I have never been an early adopter of any phone or palm device and likely will not again. I am returning the device to Sprint this week and turning my treo back on. I like some things, but not enough to justify the costs and also not enough to make-up for the missing functions I had come to depend on with my treo.

    • profile image

      JROQUENDO 8 years ago


    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      Most of the problems I have are not software issues but mechanical defects. But, yes, I agree that most issues are software issues or rare issues with a select few phones. You can make custom ringtones, by dropping the MP3 file into the song folder; it automatically puts it in the ringtone folder. .

      Also, I did not receive a 344 page booklet with my phone.

    • profile image

      R. Miller 8 years ago

      I second all your comments. I was actually the first one in line at the Sprint store, the first time I ever "camped out" for anything. To me it wasn't geeky - I was awake and passed the time in a folding chair reading Atlas Shrugged. It was a nice, quiet time.

      My battery does get surprisingly warm on the AC charger but not what I'd call hot. I'm definitely going to get the Touchstone.

      Reading the 344 page guide will really improve your experience. Most of it you will already know so you'll skim through it fast. But the few things you do learn about customizing your desktop and learning how to scroll within a text box or select text is invaluable. Also, many users are coming up with Tips and Tricks. The best tips are the ones to conserve battery life.

      I had a problem with the camera program not opening up once, but after I reset the phone the problem stopped. I believe most of the remaining annoyances will be alleviated by software patches in the future as people bring them to light.

      As soon as I synced my phone with iTunes, every song on the phone was available to set as a ringtone. At the bottom of the ringers screen you can click on the note icon and select a song. I'm not sure whether it has customized ringtones or not since I always keep my phone on vibrate.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      The appeal of mobile phones is lost on me. Must be my age :) Very informative hub though for those who are interested.