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Problems with Palm Pre

Updated on March 31, 2012
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Palm Pre Problems

I purchased the Palm Pre with Sprint when it was first released in July of 2009. I loved the initial aspects of the phone, but I had serious problems with the phone, as well. Many of the problems were corrected through various updates, but when I finally retired the phone, I still had many issues with it.

My initial problems with the Palm Pre included:

  • Cheap feel to the buttons.
  • If you don't hit the green answer button on the screen, you can accidentally ignore a call instead of answer it.
  • The Palm Pre overheats.
  • The on/off button would stick and shut off whenever it felt like it, especially while in the Palm Pre case.
  • No notification when you missed a call, email, or text. (this was corrected in an update)
  • No video capability. (this was also corrected in an update)

As I continued to use the Palm Pre, I started noticing more and more problems with it.

  • When sliding the phone up, it would get stuck and cover the top half of the top row of letters on the QWERTY keyboard.
  • The top half of the Palm Pre would wiggle, which is a common problem with just about any phone that slides.
  • Palm Pre would lock up.
  • Speaker problems, where the ringer had a lot static or text message notifications wouldn't ring.
  • More overall error notification with the Palm Pre.

Super slow load when pulling up apps on Palm Pre
Super slow load when pulling up apps on Palm Pre

Problems with the Palm Pre

Throughout the lifespan of the phone, there have been many known problems with the Palm Pre. Unfortunately, the Palm had a great idea, but they just didn't do all that they could to make the phone the best that it could be.

  • Palm Pre Locking Up

The Palm Pre is known to freeze up. The phone will get stuck on the start-up screen. You have to restart the phone several times, or you may have to completely remove the battery in order to get the phone to unfreeze. Locking up is a major problem with cell phones, as you can easily lose data.

A common complaint is when using Gmail or Yahoo email servers, when sending an email, you may experience the phone locking up. I've had to pull out the battery to reset the phone when trying to send Gmail emails. The Palm Pre that I had would go through bouts of refusing to send Gmail emails.

  • Palm Pre Screen Freezes

What sucks about a touchscreen cell phone is that when the screen freezes, you can't do anything. At least the Pre has a keyboard and a slide. You can sometimes still answer calls by sliding up the phone, but if you want to do much of anything else, you can't when the screen freezes. Try restarting the phone once, maybe two or even three times before the screen unfreezes. You may even have to take out the battery in order to get it to work again.

  • Palm Pre Keyboard Freezes

It's one thing when the screen freezes, but when the keyboard freezes, that's no fun. You have to restart the Palm Pre at least once, but typically several times before you can unfreeze the keyboard.

  • Palm Pre Sticking Keys

After some usage, the keys on the Palm Pre start to stick. Some of them may not work for some time. You may have to restart the phone or just wait patiently before the keys starts to work again.

Palm Pre phone freezes
Palm Pre phone freezes
  • Palm Pre Slow Load

The cell phone takes forever to pull up programs and apps. I found it took the longest time to pull up the email app, and once up, it didn't want to load new and old emails. For impatient people who just want to send a text message quickly, this slow load is a major pain.

  • Palm Pre Speaker Problems

The ringtones become inaudible, whether for an incoming call or text message. Even if you put your phone of super high, you will have problems hearing a ringer if the Palm phone is in your pocket or purse. You'll need to keep the phone on vibrate, so that you don't miss a call or text. The speaker becomes very crackly. In some cases, the speaker will slowly give out to where you just can't hear it any more.

There are also problems when talking to a person on the phone. You may experience a low volume, even if the control is maxed out.

  • Palm Pre Overheating

No matter what you do, the Palm Pre overheats, especially if you leave it on the charger to get a full charge. Don't expect to use the phone while charging because you'll experience more heat issues.

You'll also find that when trying to run Sprint Navigation, the phone will overheat drastically, and because the GPS app kills the Palm Pre battery quickly, you have to have it plugged in to charge.

The more the phone overheats, the slower it loads, the less effective the phone works, and the more problems you will experience.

'Too many cards' error is the most common error on Palm Pre
'Too many cards' error is the most common error on Palm Pre
Unable to access email is another common error with Plam Pre.
Unable to access email is another common error with Plam Pre.
  • Palm Pre "Too Many Cards"

Whether you have 5 apps open, 1 or none, you may experience this error. It is a pain in the butt. In some cases, you may find yourself trying to open an app and experience a super slow load to be followed by this error message. You may say to yourself, "but I don't have anything else pulled up." It's common and a frequent problem with the Palm Pre. You have to wait patiently until the phone realizes that it's not being overworked and that it really can open that one application that you want.

Sometimes if you keep fighting with it, the app will open anyway, but in most cases patience is the only way to get the phone to work.

  • Palm Pre Unable to Access Email

For some reason, the phone will stop accessing your email. I had the problem most often with my Yahoo email, and school email (which uses a POP server). You just have to wait it out until the Pre decides to access your email again. It may take a few minute, hours, or even a day.

  • Palm Pre Won't Charge

Even if you leave the Palm phone on the charger all night, you may find that the battery is only partially charged. I found that on many occasions, my phone would appear fully charged, but would die within just a few hours.

The Palm Pre doesn't have a good battery to begin with, so when it stops charging, that's a whole other issue.

Plus, keep in mind that in some cases, the Palm Pre won't charge with the touchstone. I tried using the touchstone when I started having problems with my regular Pre charger, and my phone still wouldn't get a charge. When you start experiencing battery charging problems with the Palm Pre, you'll find that you'll probably have issues with the cable and the touchstone. It's a battery and phone issue, not necessarily a charger issue, unless you're using the touchstone, and then it could be a touchstone problem, too.

  • Palm Pre Bad Battery Life

The Palm Pre has never been known to have a good battery life. The more you use the Palm Pre, the worse the battery gets. The more apps you have open, the faster your battery will die. The more you make calls or send texts and emails, the faster it will die.


It is a good thing that Palm certifies all of their products for lifetime warranty. You can exchange your phone for a new one or a refurbished one at any time for any reason.

You will find that for most of the Palm Pre issues, you will need to restart your phone at least once. In some cases, you may even have to remove the battery so you can correct the problem.


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    • profile image

      bellah boo 5 years ago

      I don't know if I'm the only one having the problem but the sound in my speaker aint working well and I have this cracking sound I'm wondering if it's because idont have a back or what??? Please help!! If there's anything I can do to fix it please reply

    • profile image

      Hi(: 5 years ago

      I have been having so many troubles with my Palm Pre. It used to be a great phone but now it just freezes constantly and will not work. I have tried everything

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Palm with a multi-touch screen and a sliding keyboard. The smart phone which uses Linux bases and now WEB OS version 1.5 is quite good with security terms.

    • profile image

      Ajay Patel 7 years ago

      Sorry to hear that you got stuck with a Pre... the overheating was an issue noted at the launch event, as were the shoddy little keys and sharp edge on the slide out. And have you downloaded anything worth downloading from the Palm Appstore? Thousands of apps? You can't pay a developer to make apps for the Palm Pre these days... but that's another story.

      If it's any conselation, Palm made such a screw up of the Pre, that it landed in a financial blackhole; ending up as a subsiduary of H.P.... The Palm Pre is cited as the great tech-disaster of 2009. Palm did manage to build a device that was world beating; if it was around at a time before the I-Phone existed.

      Have a nice day :-)

    • katie54321 profile image

      katie54321 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I purchased a Palm Pre from Verizon in March of this year and really love it. The keyboard is tough at times but I prefer an actual keyboard to a touch screen (like on my husband's Droid). It has a nice substantial feel to it and a flat charging stone which I love - you don't have to take it out of the case to charge. I wouldn't buy a Palm Pixie but I would recommend the Pre. It's too bad you had problems with it.

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      These are not just problems that I have had but others, as well.

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago


      Exactly, so if you were so unhappy with it and is was so badly malfunctioning, why didn't you gave it back? SY

    • profile image

      askpowers 7 years ago

      This is really nice hub. Thanks for sharing such information.


    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      The phone is under warranty whether you have it fora month, or 5 years. Palm guarantees their products and if you get a scratch, they will give you a new one with no questions asked.

    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      Why didn't you give it back when it was still under warranty? It seems pretty silly to me to keep such an malfunctioning piece of equipment, SY

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for giving us your personal experiences. It is very helpful.