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Piel Frama Apple iPad Cases Quality Leather, Earth Friendly Construction, iPad Stand, Multiple Colors

Updated on May 31, 2015

Dress up Your first Generation iPad

The first generation iPad is far from being obsolete just because the second generation iPad 2 has been released. I use mine everyday and it will not be retired anytime soon. A new iPad case is always a fun way to update the look and functionality of the iPad.

The Piel Frama Apple iPad Premium Leather (smooth or Croco) Case is available in basic black (with black or tan lining) or tan (with tan lining). However, other beautiful colors such as blue, red, pink, orange, green (all with tan lining) can help to show off your flair for a designer look. It is so easy to switch from one to the other – simply slip your iPad out of one and slip it into another. The soft protective lining of soft leather will never scratch your iPad and the snug design will not allow your iPad to slip out on its own.

If you are sensitive to products that are produced in an earth friendly way, then you will be impressed by the makers of this iPad case. They use natural leather available from local suppliers. They use biodegradable products wherever possible from the leather processing to the glue used in construction of the cases. Each step of construction is performed by hand from the cutting of the leather, each step of the assembly and the stitching.


The Piel Frama iPad Cases are contemporary in looks but it is not minimal in function. There is an unexpected document compartment just large enough for a thin file that you need at your fingertips or to slip in a brochure detailing your next new car. Flipping the front of the Piel Frama case to the back provides an instant iPad stand. Stand it up for watching videos and movies or lay it over for just enough viewing angle to type comfortably on you iPad.  Cutouts around the leather iPad frame allow for full access to the screen as well as every connection and button. The magnetic closure offers a smooth clean look but if you prefer there are snap closure versions available.



You will undoubtedly notice that the Piel Frama Apple iPad Cases are typically priced higher than many other iPad cases (still under $100). That is due to the quality of the Piel Frama Cases. Piel Frama has produced products of the highest quality since 1945. Mobile phone cases were their entry into the mobile electronics field in 1984.

Even if you have a favorite case that works great for you – remember that changing the color can change the overall mood. For example, I currently use the ZooGue iPad Case. I love the protection it provides and the several ways I can use it. At serious business meetings my iPad wears the black one. When my mood changes I dress it in pick which works well on an everyday basis and the grey ZooGue looks professional while offering a softer look. When I breakdown and purchase the new iPad 2 - I can pass my first generation iPad to my husband. To keep it from feeling like a hand-me-down a new iPad case would be a great way to wrap it.


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