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Prepaid Calling Cards - How to Buy a Phone Card to make Cheap International Calls

Updated on July 31, 2011

The No-Nonsense Guide on Making Cheaper International Calls

Phone cards are sold everywhere today and many consumers still rely on cheap prepaid calling cards offering low rates for calling the Philippines, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand and just about anywhere in the world with a decent reliable telephone system.

As easy as it is to purchase a phone card, no one really knows how or where to find a reliable phone card that offers the advertised minutes. Or a company with a decent customer service hotline in case assistance is needed.

Since most households these days are switching to mobile phones and cancelling their home's land line service it does make a lot of sense to order a prepaid calling card instead for their long distance and international calling needs. Mobile phone service providers charge a ridiculous amount of money per minute for overseas calls. Even though Skype and other similar services are gaining popularity, the freedom that a mobile phone reigns supreme as the best way to stay in touch with friends and business contacts around the world.

But there is one problem. The phone card industry has the stigma of fly by night scam companies with unreliable call quality, false advertised minutes and non-existent customer services. To make things worse no one really has a clue how to purchase the proper phone cards for their needs in the first place or even know which phone card companies are reliable. So most first time buyers either pay too much or just simply fall prey to a company scam.

The good news is that the industry has been cleaned up thanks to the large volume of consumer complaints. So a lot of trustworthy phone card companies are out there today providing quality products. But that doesn't mean that all of the bad eggs are gone. And knowing who you can part your hard earned cash with is half the battle.

There Are Only 2 Simple Yet Important Things to Know:

  1. Where to find a good source of reliable prepaid calling cards
  2. How to purchase one properly that is suited for your needs

However, there is one cardinal rule whenever you are buying a prepaid calling card in stores. And that is to never pay for it in cold hard cash.

Do You Know the Names of Any Reliable Phone Card Providers?

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Pay with a Debit or Credit Card Always

Always buy your prepaid calling cards with a major credit card or debit card. This is an extra layer of protection if you ever come across a card that cheats you out of your minutes or just doesn't work at all. Credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard and etc. offer consumers protection against purchases that are not as described. They will often mediate any disputes or if they find you are totally not at fault you can get your money back.

Two Reliable Online Companies

Nobelcom Phone Cards
Nobelcom Phone Cards
Pingo Phone Cards
Pingo Phone Cards

Where to Find a Good Source of Prepaid Calling Cards

If you are reading this chances are you do not know the names of any reliable companies out there offering alternatives for cheap international calls. No one can blame you. The best companies do not advertise in the mainstream media so you won't see television commercials. Yet prepaid calling cards are everywhere in gas stations, corner stores, on the streets of ethnic neighborhoods and even vending machines. However, knowing where to buy them can really help protect you from getting scammed.

One of the best places to buy calling cards is in all big chain brand name stores. We have 1 or even 3 in almost every neighborhood corner in the United States. Walmarts, K-Marts, CVS Pharmacies and even Costcos carry such cards in their inventory. The reason why you should buy from the big boy stores is because they are more stringent on the products they carry. Since they have a reputation to protect they do not want to sully it by carrying products that their customers consistently will complain about. Plus it doesn't hurt at all that big brand name stores have superior customer services.

For those who love to shop in the comforts of their own home or place of business there are quite a few very reputable Internet based calling card companies. Personally I always use phone cards after I first tried out their 15 free trial minutes. I have to admit that their call per minute rates are about a 1ยข or so more than their competitors but that's because the quality of their calls is very good, which is important to me whenever I am making calls to business contacts overseas.

Another company I highly recommend and use is They offer very reasonable call per minute rates that is backed by a high quality network for clearer calls.

This is a good company with monthly rates
This is a good company with monthly rates

Ways to Save Even More Money on Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards are great for saving you loads of money when you use one to make calls overseas. You can save even more money by thinking ahead and ask yourself how often will you be making international calls.

Because if you know you will be making calls on a daily basis than you are better off looking for a monthly discount international calls provider. There are companies that offer monthly rates such as Free Call Planet.

They offer a great service and rates too. Even better is that you do not have to sign a contract at all. And to top that off you get a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Free Call Planet offers low call per minute rates mainly to major countries in the world such as Japan, China, Mexico, UK and Canada and are really worth taking a look at.

They are a highly recommended company especially for families. Your land line and the mobile phones in your family can all be linked into one account so anyone can make the same cheap international calls from one plan.


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    • profile image

      Jack Lovy 

      5 years ago

      Yes that's true very good article there are some good websites like bixdial international phone cards and pingo, bixdial resells calling cards from best manufacturers and got low rates , good customer service.

    • Edwin Clark profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwin Clark 

      7 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Thank you Ahmed, I am happy you found my hub helpful.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      7 years ago

      Nice article already clicked on your aff-links to check out the sites. Thanks for sharing


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