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Prepaid Cell Phones For Kids

Updated on November 29, 2009
Perfect prepaid cell phone for kids
Perfect prepaid cell phone for kids

Benefits Of Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones

If you are looking at purchasing a mobile phone for children in your family, you should consider looking at what is available in the pay as you go range. Prepaid cell phones for kids have a lot of benefits that would suit both parents and children.

The main advantage is that you can monitor the amount of time that is spent on the phone because it can only be used when the credits have been topped up. You can choose to either provide your children with a preloaded phone or you can give them money for the phone as a reward.

There are many types of prepaid cell phones available online. Here are just a few examples of what is available from Amazon.

Net10 Samsung T201 Prepaid Cell Phone – Silver

This is a great phone that you can buy not only for children but also for people who want a nice and simple phone.

There are so many that have lots of complicated gadgets and gizmos attached that some people have absolutely no use for.

If you after a phone that will provide you with the basic service of being able to make and receive phone calls, then this Samsung flip top style phone could be the one for you.

Cheap prepaid cell phone
Cheap prepaid cell phone

T-Mobile Nokia 1208 Prepaid Cell Phone

There are quite a lot of pay as you go mobile phones from on the T Mobile network. This is a Nokia phone.

It is very affordable so you could either buy it as a present for a member of your family without worrying that it will cost a fortune if it gets lost or damaged.

This particular cell phone has lots of features that make it definitely good value. This phone can store up to 250 telephone numbers. It is quick to recharge, taking around 3 hours to fully recharge the battery. This is a nice and simple cell phone that is suitable for children to use with ease.

Motorola pay as you go cell phone
Motorola pay as you go cell phone

Green Motorola Prepaid Phone

This is another example of a cheap and cheerful prepaid phone on the T Mobile network. 

It is from Motorola and has extra features including an Mp3 player for you to listen to your own choice of music and there is also an inbuilt photo and text messaging service available.

It takes around 9 hours to completely recharge the battery on this phone, which can seem a bit long but you can simply plug it in before you go to bed and it will be ready for use when you wake up the next morning.


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    • profile image

      maria 6 years ago

      Love the idea of prepaid for kids. You as a parent of a bit more control and you teach your kid proper cell phone usage. You buy minutes as you go,so they learn to control their usage more. And if they run out they have to wait to top it off for the next month,however you work it,or if they want to buy more minutes it's on them and what they can afford. A good plan to start them off with is the all you need plan with Straight Talk which offers 1000 talk/text and 30mg web for $30. And the phones are very affordable. Did this for my teen and it has worked perfectly! Great service to,coverage everywhere so far.