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Problems Limitations and Disadvantages of the BlackBerry 9220

Updated on April 21, 2015

Why BlackBerry 9220?

Numerous smart phone models from different manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are the most popular and high in demand – with Nokia, HTC, and LG not far from behind.

This post, however, is about BlackBerry's 9220 smart phone. As the title implies, this post will mainly focus on the problems, disadvantages, and limitations of the said device. Also, as not to be biased, this post w

A lot of readers may wonder, why of all the available mobile phones, why choose the BlackBerry 9220? For the benefit of those who do not know, BlackBerry is announced and introduced in the mobile phone market just this year. Though its physical appearance resembles that of previous BlackBerry Curve models, this particular unit has better memory specifications, additional hardware buttons, and comes with the latest operating system from BB which is 7.1

This post will discuss first the limitations and disadvantages of Blackberry 9220. However, as not to be biased, this post will also highlight some of the unit's advantages and benefits on the latter portion.

Limitations of the BlackBerry 9220 –

As a basic entry phone model and even though it has an upgraded memory and processor specifications, it is still a meagre comparison to those quad-core flagship models. However, in all fairness to BB 9220, the disadvantages and limitations of this unit is already a given as it is not pegged at such a high price and it does not boast to have all the features found on other competitor models. That being said, the following limitations may still be a problem to some users.

Does not support 3G and other high speed carrier provided connectivity –

Unfortunately, the only wireless connectivity that BB9220 supports is 2G (GPRS) and Wifi. If there is no free access Wifi hotspot, a 2G connection may be enough for simple email and web browsing. Of course, for streaming media from the web, users will definitely see the sluggishness of such connection.

Very few apps –

The usual reason why consumers buy a smartphone is to install certain apps and customize the unit according to their needs and productivity. Regrettably, compared to the apps available on Apple’s iTunes store and Google’s Android, BlackBerry is very much far off that it borders to disappointment.

Usual limitations found on low end phones –

Obviously, this particular BlackBerry model was not spared from the usual limitations found on other basic phone units. It only has a 2MP camera (with no flash and focus), no front camera for video calling, only has 65,000 colors, and no GPS as well as Java support.

Some good points of the BB9220

Aside from the problems and limitations mentioned on this post, as a basic or entry level smart phone, it retains all the basic functionalities that can be found on other smartphones such as web browsing, digital organizer, alarm and clock features, messaging / email, and the widely popular BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

Additionally, people who utilize their smartphones as a mobile entertainment device would be happy to know that BB9220 is A2DP compliant, allows memory expansion slot (micro SD card) , and supports playback of different audio and video formats. Needless to say, this is extremely good news for music loving people as BlackBerry 9220 can store thousands of songs and can also be used with those modern ergonomically designed headsets that can produce crystal clear music and make / receive phone calls.

Below are some mobile phone accessories that are compatible with Blackberry 9220 (A2DP compatible cool headphones, microSD card, etc...) This means that consumers who already has the below mobile accessories would be able to use it with this device.

The last advantage of BlackBerry 9220 (and its main selling point) is its physical QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are evenly spaced and is exceptionally responsive. Numerous people may have not noticed it, but having a physical keypad is very convenient compared to a virtual keyboard found on touchscreen phones.

That’s basically it about this review of BlackBerry’s 9220 phone unit. All in all, it is an excellent choice for its price tag. But for consumers who wanted more out of their mobile phone, other expensive options appear to be a better choice.


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