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Process Credit Cards With Your Android or Iphone - Free Mobile POS System for Your Small Business

Updated on December 16, 2012

Open the Doors for the Square!

With Android or Iphone running Square, your buddies can pay you back for that beer, and your mom can pay you the money she owes you without a cent of physical cash or one shred of a check.

You can take physical plastic like the big boys for anything big, little, or in between. You can start accepting a mobile payment online anywhere you are.

If you own a small business or have a freelance gig on the side, Square can be your Point of Sale (POS) companion helping you accept a mobile payment online from anyone, anywhere.

It's a simple process:

1. Sign up at Square for a free account (Go HERE! and set one up)

2. Install the free Square app for Android or Iphone from their respective marketplaces.

3. Sit back and wait for your free credit/debit card scanner Square is shipping you in the mail.

4. Receive the scanner dongle in the mail and connect it to your Android or Iphone device.

5. Fire up the app and start taking your friends and relatives credit/debit cards.

Free Card Reader Headed My Way!

The Catch!

Perhaps the best thing about Square compared to its competitors is its pricing structure for processing payments.

As long as you use the free reader device Square gives out when you join their program, Square charges a competitive 2.75% of the total transaction.

If you enter the cards manually without the card reader, then Square still offers a competitive rate at 3.5%+15ยข.

Out of all the services out there that allow you to process payments through an Iphone or Android device, Square by far has the simplest pricing structure.

Square truly makes a personal POS system available to the masses through its prices and through its free hardware distribution.

A Few More Details!

With Square, you can:

  • accept all US issued cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (all at the same rates).
  • process an unlimited number of transactions.
  • customize your receipts with your personal or business address.
  • Keep electronic logs of transactions, receipts, and customers.
  • Feel secure with "VeriSign Trusted" and "PCI Compliant" certifications.
  • Request replacement card reading hardware if the reader malfunctions or breaks.
  • Customize your seller profile with your Twitter name, a photo, and phone number.
  • Look forward to a mobile payment processing system that will likely grow in features and support over time.

Final Recommendations:
Try Square out, get the free hardware, and open your payment horizons. I am on my way to being a mobile payment online guru. Join me!

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