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How to Turn on your Computer Remotely

Updated on May 14, 2013

What is WOL and Why use it?

WOL or Wake-On-LAN and the function of turning your computer on from your network. I use it when I am trying to remotely control my home computer from somewhere else. If the computer is turned off, I cannot access it, so I need some way of turning it on.

Set Up WOL

There are a couple settings that need changed before we can configure the router.

1. Open the start menu

2. Right click "Computer" and select "Manage".

3. Go to the device manager.

4. Look for your network card and right click it.

5. Select properties and go the advanced tab.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select "Wake Up Capabilities"

7. Set it to both.

8. Go to the Power Management tab

9. Tick all three boxes.

Configure the Router

This will require a third party firmware such as tomato, or dd-wrt.

1. Login to your router by typing your internal IP address into your web browser. (This is usually or

2. Go to the "Administration" tab

3. Go to the "WOL" tab

4. Chose your computer and tick "Enable WOL"

5. The computer will appear in the section below. Click "Wake Up" next to the name of the computer you want to wake up.


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