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Reset your windows Xp Password

Updated on February 7, 2010
windows xp login screen
windows xp login screen

Reset your windows XP password

If you've forgotten your windows xp password you can't access your PC. Here is how to reset your windows xp password. There is 2 methods listed here how to reset your windows pc, the first one takes a bit longer but is guaranteed to work. The second method is much quicker, but won't work with every version of windows XP. Try the second method first to reset your win xp login password first, if that doesn't work, try the first method.

Method 1 : Reset Your Windows XP password

Find your original windows XP setup disk, and put it in your disk drive. Your Pc should be set to automatically load the cd/DVD

before the pc starts to load. Restart your PC with the windows XP setup disk in the drive, and if your PC starts to load up as normal, and it doesn't look like your PC is accessing the drive, then it means your PC Bios setup needs changed. Learn how to do that here.

If things go correctly then your windows XP setup disk should start to load, and you will be asked to press a button on the keyboard if you want to run the disk. You will be presented with a new screen, and all you need to do is follow the on screen instructions to install windows,

(do not select the recovery console)

You will be asked to accept the EULA user agreement, and then given the option to press r for repair. Select this option, and the windows xp setup disk
will start to copy files across to your pc.

When the files are copied across to your PC, it will automatically restart.

Your PC will ask again of you want to load the windows xp setup disk again, and will ask to press a key to continue. Since you have already done this part, leave the PC for a few seconds and it will start to boot up into the familiar windows screen.

The setup will continue, and show a progress bar, and some text information. Watch until the text shows installing devices, and then press the
<shift> and the f10
keys on the keyboard.

You will now be shown a command prompt window, and if you type nusrmgr.cpl and then press enter.

This will load up the screen that contains your user account details. You now have the option to reset the windows XP login password from here.

Once you are finished, exit the command prompt and continue on with the repair. You will be asked for your windows XP installation code. Once setup is complete, you can log in again as normal. You may have to reinstall few programs, or drivers, but all your data will still be there.

Method 2 Reset your windows XP password

When your PC loads up and you see the windows xp login screen. Complete the 3 fingered salute. Press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<DELETE> keys together, and do it twice.

This should bring up the classic windows xp login screen. Now Type administrator as the username, and leave the password blank.

When you press the enter key you will be logged back into windows xp, and you can access the user accounts by going into the control panel, and selecting the username that you forgot the password for, and changing it there.

If you've lost your original XP Disk, buy a new copy

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    • profile image

      daveelogin 5 years ago

      With professional password recovery software, you just need burn an ISO image file to the CD/DVD on an accessible PC. Take Windows

      Windows Login Recovery Standard as example, you can finish Windows Vista password reset with 3 easy steps:

      Step1. Download Windows Login Recovery Standard and burn the ISO file to a CD/DVD.

      Step2. Boot the target computer from CD/DVD.

      Step3. Recover lost Windows xp password with the burned CD/DVD.