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Review: ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor

Updated on September 25, 2012

What a Wreck

I was having some trouble with my Gateway MD2419u laptop, OS Windows 7. On a daily basis, it would crash on me. I would get the infamous blue screen of death with an error message that read: “driver_power_state_failure”. After researching it, I discovered that it was a compatibility issue with my drivers. In specific, my graphics card driver. I tried updating my graphics card driver manually; but each time the update failed. I was frustrated. I wanted to throw the laptop out the window.

Not only was my laptop crashing on me all of the time, it seemed clunky. Especially when I wanted to surf the net. It was taking forever to load pages. Also, upon startup of my laptop, I would get this error message about a program that was not functioning or no longer in existence, every single time I turned it on.

Free Fixes

I had tried a lot of free fixes on my own. I updated everything I could possibly update through my Windows updater. I ran a system defragment and disk clean. I visited the Gateway website to see if there were any available updates for my drivers. It indicated that all of my drivers were up to date. They were also so kind as to offer additional support for $100. For all appearance purposes, everything seemed fine; but my laptop did not run fine.

At the End of My Rope

Upon searching for a fix for my laptop mishaps, I came across a program called ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor. It’s designed to fix, clean and optimize your computer. A You Tube video claimed that it would resolve my driver_power_state_failure; so I caved in and bought it. I paid around $30 for it (the version without the malware protection, renewable annually). It was simple to install. I just downloaded it, paid for it by credit card, and then was provided with an activation code to activate it; and let me tell you, it was worth the investment!

I immediately ran a full scan of my computer after activating the Pareto Logic PC Health Advisor software. It discovered over 400 registry errors, numerous duplicate files and around 13 drivers that needed updating. I clicked “Fix All”, and it began going to work to automatically resolve my problems and find websites where I could update my drivers. It worked surprisingly fast. Updating my drivers took some time, though; but the PC Health Advisor interface is very user friendly and made the process easy.

ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor Interface

After updating my laptop drivers, I chose to defragment my laptop using PC Health Advisor. It indicated that my laptop was 12% fragmented and immediately started defragmenting it. That’s funny, because my Windows degragmenter didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when I attempted to defragment my laptop using it. PC Health Advisor defragmented my system very quickly, as well. I mean, I don’t even think it took any longer than 20 minutes. That’s about half the time of my Windows degragmenter.

I also found that broken or non-existent program that was causing that error message when I turned on my laptop, in the PC Health Advisor’s Startup Manager. I disabled it; so now I don’t get that error message any more.

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Problem Solved

I have been using ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor for about a week now, without experiencing any crashes on my laptop. My system is also running faster. I no longer have to wait aeons for web pages to load; and I don’t get that annoying startup message about that program that was broken or no longer in existence. I highly recommend this software for anyone experiencing setbacks similar to my own. Check out the ParetoLogic PC Heal Advisor web site for more details. I suggest avoiding Gateway laptops as well; but I’ll save that for another review.

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